Saturday, September 4, 2010


This is what I call my Victorian styled powder room. I felt this particular bathroom needed special attention as it is the only lavatory on the main level of our house, therefore it would see the most traffic from visitors. I really wanted something 'pretty'.

This room originally consisted of a pedestal sink (which had a crack in the bowl) along with a moulded plastic toilet paper dispenser and a flat, square mirror.

It has all been upgraded. First I added the floral 'pink' wallpaper. It was not a popular choice in my household originally. It has now grown on everyone.

I purchased the cherry wood cabinet, with a matching mirror, at an outlet store. I decided on the cherry colour because our kitchen cabinets, on the same level, are also cherry stained. I liked that the wood tones flowed from one room to the other.

The taps were purchased separately and I love their old-fashioned styling.

I chose to use a different mirror then the one that came with the vanity. I don't always like using matched sets.

Then I purchased new lighting. Something more suitable. I don't know if you can make out the detail but they are pineapple shaped. The pineapple symbol represents 'hospitality' which was why I selected this fixture.

And then the fun began - accessorising my new powder room. This sign was purchased from Ebay.

My Victorian shadow box. Inside is an antique handkerchief along with a doily!

I hung a handmade butterfly bracelet (a gift from a very dear friend) on my soap dispenser. It really jazzes up the plain, ceramic.

A quaint, metal garden shelf displays one of my more precious collections. My Grandmother's Johnson Bros. wash set. My Mother recently gave me these 3 pieces of the original set.

My antique, hand-painted sap bucket, now used as my garbage can. This was another Ebay purchase.

A sweet petite cherub holding a candle. How divine!

A tiffany lamp which glows warmly when lite, tucked into the corner. It sits atop some reading material - decorating and gardening magazines!

And a pretty tasseled hand towel.

I would also like to announce that I will be having my first GIVEAWAY! I've noticed that other bloggers like to celebrate the number of posts they've made or maybe host a giveaway to mark an anniversary for the length of time they've been blogging. Some like to hold a giveaway when they reach a certain number of followers. I've decided that I am going to hold seasonal giveaways! I always enjoy the various seasons - from Winter & Spring to Summer and then the Fall. Autumn is just around the corner so I'm offering the chance to win this beautiful, rectangular tablecloth with a colourful leaf pattern along with this lovely shiny-bronzed turkey salt & pepper shaker.

Wouldn't this tablecloth look gorgeous, adorning your festive table during your Thanksgiving dinner? ( I own the same one)

How about these sweet little turkeys; an adorable addition to your table.

My Giveaway Guidelines are very simple. All of my followers will be entered. I will pick a name next Saturday, September 12th, 2010.

I will be linking this post to Beverly's "How Sweet the Sound Pink Saturday".

Wishing you ALL a wonderful weekend ~ Cheers ~ Lisa


  1. Hi Lisa,
    I LOVE your powder room! It is so darling! I think the wallpaper is fantastic- I know what you mean about everyone not feeling the love... I once got the gorgeous hydrangea wallpaper and covered all the walls in a bedroom. Everyone thought I might have gone a wee bit nuts.. but they came to love it. It was like being in a garden! All your bits and details are so charming & I LOVE the darling vanity you chose as well. Have a great weekend!! :)

  2. Very nice powder room. Ours needs to be updated badly.. one day. :) I agree about the matchy matchy look with vanities/mirrors. I'm the same way.

  3. Nice power room... I love lamps in small spaces... Perfect little night light!

  4. Hello and Welcome to Pink Saturday!! I LOVE this room as I am a Victorian Soul and this is my type of decor! You did a fantastic job and i adore everything in it!! I am signing up to follow...


  5. Welcome and happy Pink Saturday.

  6. Welcome to your first Pink Saturday! Your powder room is just gorgeous! I especially love the sink. I've always wanted to replace ours, using an old piece of furniture as the cabinet beneath it. I like how yours takes up very little space, so it's easy to move around in there. Hope to see you again next week!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  7. Happy Pink Saturday Lisa Sweetie...
    Welcome to the pinkes of the pinks in all of blogland. You will love being a pinkie.

    Now sweetie, you have the MOST beautiful powder room from the little petite angel, to the Cottage Roses wooden sign. I love the wallpaper and the cherry wood vanity is DEVINE. Oh how beautiful. I am sure that your guests stay in there a little while extra washing their hands just to look around. I know I sure would.

    I love the Tiffany lamp and I am sure it does give that wall paper a beautiful glow when it is on. An element of surprise for the room.

    Your antique painted sap bucket is the icing on the cake sweetie. I love it. What a beautiful room to share today. I can't wait to see what you share next.

    I am Country Wings in Phoenix your newest follower and I am so thrilled you decided to join us. Please stop by and say hi. I would so love to have you follow me as well.

    Have a gorgeous day sweetie. Country hugs, Sherry

  8. Gorgeous powder room. I love powder rooms and I think they should be little jewels and yours certainly is! I understand, we plastered our half bath an eggplant purple when the rest of the redo in the house was very neutral. My husband thought I was crazy, but once everything got hung on the walls it was wonderful. My plasterer had never done that color and he brags about it all the time and says it is his fav.
    Welcome to Pink Saturday! Drop by for a visit.

  9. Love your little powder room! Welcome to Pink Saturday.

  10. Welcome to Pink Saturday. You will love being a part of all the beautiful pink fun.

    Your powder room is totally elegant looking. You did a fabulous job. Your guests will ALWAYS want to use the restroom when they visit at your house.

    Hope you have a lovely day,
    Patti ~ Fill My Cup with Beauty

  11. What a beautifully elegant room! Welcome to Pink Saturday!

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  12. Happy Pink Saturday! Your lovely powder room reminds me of one at a bed & breakfast I stayed in several years back! I love the rose wallpaper! Everything is delightsome!

  13. Welcome to Pink Saturday! Beautiful pwder room. Have a wonderful weekend. Grace

  14. Welcome to Pink Saturday! This is my first one too! Your powder room is gorgeous. I love the vanity you chose. It's more practical too having some storage. you did a beautiful job.

  15. Lisa
    It turned out charming, and I love your pineapple light fixture!!!! Great job!


  16. Your bathroom is absolutely stunning! I am your newest follower so I can come back and see more pinks!

    Happy PS,

  17. Welcome to Pink Saturday and I love the Pink flowered wall paper, Happy Pink Saturday! Nice post!

  18. Your bathroom is gorgeous...I'm inspired! Welcome to Pink Saturday!

    HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

  19. Lisa your bathroom is fabulous! I love your vanity/sink. I wouldn't dare show photos of my bathroom... it's only been partially redone ;)

    Thanks for coming up with the seasonal giveaway idea! At first I was thinking "Thanksgiving... it's so far off still." But then I remembered that "your" Thanksgiving is just a month or so away.


  20. Welcome to PS. Glad your joining us. Lovely powder room, I love roses. Sorry to hear you lost your bowl and pitcher, I hate when that happens, it seems no matter how careful we are something gets lost or damaged in a move. So glad you have the other pieces to enjoy.

  21. your powder room is so femme and romantic... can I come for a visit? Welcome to Pink Saturdays! :) mercedes

  22. Now that's a bathroom!

    Please come by for a visit!


  23. I love everything about your new bathroom. Beautiful. And it was a great idea to add the bracelet to the soap dispenser!

  24. OH my sweets I just adore your Victorian bathroom. Love the cottage sign and the framed hanky, i am going to try that. Your giveaway is darling as well.

  25. Lisa,
    Saw your comment on my post. If you'd like to email me I can give you some info/tips that I've learned (


  26. Nothing prettier than a powder room full of roses! I love everything about it....especially that gorgeous vanity! Regards, Sheilla

  27. Welcome to Pink Saturday. Sorry I'm late getting around. Hope you had a great day.

  28. Oh my goodness, Lisa! Your vanity is just drool-worthy! lol! You have created a beautifully, inviting (can a bathroom be inviting...?), cozy, feminine little jewel! You should hire out, girlfriend. You've been blessed with a gift! :)

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  29. thanks so much lisa!!! i appreciate your visit and comment to cottage romance! have a blessed day! lovely powder room!

  30. Beautiful Powder Room. Very detailed. Where did you find the Pineapple Vanity lighting ?


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