Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Today I am once again participating in "Pink Saturday" at How Sweet the Sound. What I really appreciate about this event is that Beverly encourages all the participants to visit one another in an effort to meet new 'friends'. It can be difficult when you're new to blogging to gather a following. As a result of my first Pink Saturday, I did in fact, make some new friends and I was rather overwhelmed with the response of the other participants, taking the time to welcome me to the event. What a great bunch of gals! It was such a gratifying experience that I am here once again, ready to enjoy another Pink Saturday. Thanks to Beverly for hosting this event.

The days are now unpredictable where I live in Southern Ontario. The mornings can be quite nippy while the afternoon can still heat up with the sun shining but as it sets in the western sky, the temperature can dip quite low. Autumn is finally upon us! I thought I would share the pink flowers that are still blooming in my garden.

My Hydrangea from the Forever & Ever Series. This variety produces flowers on old and new wood so it started spouting lovely pink flowers in the spring and has continued to put on a stellar performance all season long!

Sedum "Autumn Joy" is just starting to flush with colour. The name is so appropriate because this plant does just that - it brings JOY to the Fall garden!

The pink Begonia's still doing their thing in their container on the fence. I feed my annuals each and every week to keep them blooming & healthy throughout the growing season.

Here is my Weigela 'Variegata' enjoying a rather sparse, second flush of flowers. It bloomed profusely in the spring and this is now the finale.

Ahhhh ..... 'Pink Pewter' Lamium - a proven winner! This started producing petite pink flowers in the early spring and as you can see, in mid-September, it's still going strong.

What a great little filler - even in containers.

The large fluffy blooms of my PeeGee Hydrangea, just starting to change colour. These are perfect for indoor floral displays as they dry so beautifully.

Here is my Double Pink Hydrangea, again another variety from the Forever & Ever series.

Here's a charming 'pink' in my garden that will bloom all year round ~~ the flowers in my stained glass window.

I also wanted to share a 'visitor' that we had this week.

Isn't she beautiful?


And finally, the fading blooms of my "Fairy" Rose. Sigh ... it's almost time to put the garden to bed for another winter.



  1. Hi lisa I love you style is vey relax thank so much for write to me that made me very happy even now that I dont know if I will loose my home thanks again moonstone

  2. Lisa, your garden is so lovely! You captured the monarch butterfly beautifully! Really it's all beautiful, I can see why the butterfly chose to "hang out" in your garden...I would too! Sheilla

  3. Everything looks beautiful! The days ARE so unpredictable, Thursday was terrible but today was gorgeous! My mom said she had dozens and dozens of monarchs in her trees, she's loving it!

  4. Just the kind of post I enjoy. I love all flowers and yours are very pretty pink. Glad you had a butterfly. For some reason, I do not see them here much.

  5. Thanks for the visits to my blog. Your garden is looking great. Love all the pinks especially your fairy rose.

  6. I've been waiting for the Monarchs to reach Texas on their way to Mexico for over a week, and now I know why they are late getting here....they are still in your beautiful garden in Canada. So nice to have you here on Pink Saturday....Sue

  7. Your gardens are lovely---I have sedum here too and the purple is getting so bright. Our gardens are filled with mums-they also signal fall is here. Welcome to blogging. Come on by and visit my little part of OZ.

  8. Hi Lisa,

    Happy Pink Saturday to you too. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your garden, thanks for sharing.


  9. Hello Lisa, Happy Pink saturday! Your garden is lovely and convinced me to plant some Fall flowers that I have been thinking about like the Sedum Pink joy. I have a couple of butterfly bushes but haven't had any monarchs come by :) although I've had some darling ones. Enjoy your weekend.

  10. Happy Pink Saturday Lisa Sweetie...
    What an outstanding share today. I am clapping for you sweetie. Please stand up and take a bow on the most exquisite garden I have seen. It is SO beautiful.

    I love everything, but that hydrangea that grows up into a tee-pee shape has stolen my heart, oh my gosh how beautiful. I can only imagine what that looks like when it is dried and I just know it must be so elegant in floral arrangements. Oh what a beauty she is.

    I love the little seedum. Moma always has that in her garden too. I believe she also called it Live Forever. She said it grows anywhere. I haven't tested that theory out here in Phoenix in the heat.

    It was 106 yesterday and we are expecting another heated day today. I am so tired of heat.

    Thank you for sharing the garden beauty again, I so love that you did. It has made my heart "Happy" to see such beauty this Saturday morning.

    Many hugs and SO much love, Sherry

  11. Your garden is so pretty! I wish my hydrangeas were still blooming. I want to find one of those Forever and Ever hydrangeas. I love that it has a long blooming season! Happy Pink Saturday!

  12. Hi Lisa,
    I am so happy that you stopped by! We are Canadian bloggers, you and I. Love your Peegees! You have a lovely garden, my friend. Gorgeous door too where you have blooms year round! Thank you for sharing it on Pink Saturday. I am your newest follower!


  13. Wow, your plants are still looking very good ! Mine are definitely finishing up and I'm ready for the mums and cabbage roses.

    Thanks for sharing, Have a wonderful Pink Day !

  14. What a beautiful garden, pretty flowers!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  15. Lisa, Your garden is just beautiful. I live in the deep south and it has been super hot and super dry here. It is taking all I can do to keep things alive here. The flowers are long gone and the grass is next, I'm afraid! So I think I'll enjoy your garden instead!!!

  16. Hi Lisa. I've been saying everyday that I need to cut some of my PeeGee's as they are quite pink now, thanks for the reminder! I'll go do that now. My Autumn Joy hasn't done a thing and I thought it was so boring, but you've given me hope that it's just a late bloomer. :) Great garden.

  17. You are so right about the weather here in Southern Ontario. Early Saturday morning the sun was coming up and there was a beautiful mist hanging just above the fields. So pretty. Just as your garden is. My dad always had a garden of
    hydrangeas, they were always so pretty. I love that double pink hydrangea, I hope you show it in an arrangement sometime.

  18. Lovely flowers! Happy belated Pink Saturday!

  19. Flowers this time of year is a sight for these eyes...do you do things like mums or crysanthiums (sp?..lol) etc. for the fall? Southern Ontario must be quite a bit warmer?

  20. Autumn Joy Sedum is one of my favourites too. We have several.

    Thanks for stopping by. We were at Brampton Fair on Friday night for the black and white holstein show. We had Acton Fair Saturday and today. Today was the best of the three days, weather wise. A bit cool but very sunny.

  21. Gorgeous garden goodies hun!!!!! Very beautiful!!

  22. Hi Lisa, I didn't know if you knew you had a "non-reply" on your comments. I'm not sure how that works but I just wanted to let you know in case you didn't want it that way. And to answer your question I just opened an etsy store (only one painting in it so far) and I'd love it if you check it out some time.

    I know I commented on this post already but I just took a second look and it really is beautiful!

  23. Oh, what a beautiful garden you have! Here in Oklahoma it is still in the 90's and SO hot! I've given up on my summer pots. Isn't that awful! But my Autumn Joy looks great. I'm ready for fall! Thanks for showing us your BEAUTIFUL flowers!

  24. Lovely pinks! Your cone hydrangeas are gorgeous, it is all gorgeous, thanks for sharing your garden. We have been having some rain, but mostly sunny and mild, my flowers are still blooming, and now the grass is lush and green! YEA! But soon it will be time to put it all to bed here too, :( !!

    Loved your post, always do! Thanks for being so sweet!

  25. Just now getting around to the P.S. posts. Sorry so late.

    Lovely garden. Can't believe you have so much color this fall.

  26. what few flowers I have are still trying to hang on too, happy belated pink sta.

  27. What a beautiful post!
    thank you..I love looking at gardens...I'm not too great with the growing but I admire those who can.
    have a good day!

  28. What a lovely garden you have!
    Mine looks pretty grim- it is still so hot (South Texas).

    I enjoyed visiting.

    White Spray Paint

  29. Hello my sweet friend. Your blooms look sooo pretty. Please come work in my garden. I am begging.
    ps Happy Pink Saturday

  30. So pretty! Most of my flowers are dead and gone! The butterfly is beautiful!

    Happy PS,

  31. You must know that PeeGee Hydrangea are my favorite! Only now have I found out there official name.. but absolutely stunning. I sincerely envy your garden lol.


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