Tuesday, July 27, 2010


This past weekend I did a wee bit of vintage shopping (much better then going to the mall). I actually found this round coffee table on Kijiji and made an hour trip to go and see it 'cause I've been looking for one for a while now.

I gasped when I finally found the address for the house I was looking for and pulled up in front of a gorgeous old Victorian Farmhouse with a "For Sale" sign. The owner had a house full of antiques for sale and was trying to sell me everything (including her home)! I could not resist this cast iron doorstop.

I have wanted one for so long but the antique dealers are always asking so much more then I'm willing to spend.

After touring her home, the owner threw in this old crewel bench for $10! I love the crewel but it has a few really dark stains. Any ideas on how to safely remove them?

The finish on the table top was a mess so it's being brought back to life as we speak.

I cannot WAIT to bring it inside!

The "Reveal" to follow!

Cheers - Lisa

Monday, July 26, 2010


INTRODUCING ... Strider!

I am an animal lover and currently own 3 dogs. No, this is not a typo. Three dogs are an awful lot of work but it is a labour of love. I thought I would introduce my Australian Shepherd, Strider.

He is a very intelligent dog and his charm and character has won over both Hubs and myself. He loves to travel with us and I will share some of our adventures.

Strider tending his herd at the farm (shhh, don't tell him about the fence).

Strider swimming in the Koi pond.

Strider hiking in the woods.

Strider playing ball.

Strider fetching the ball in the lake.

Strider taking a nap during a fishing trip.

Strider getting ready to drive the tractor.

Okay, I know he can't really drive a tractor. I guess it's evident that I'm having a love affair with my dog. To me, he can do it all! Pets are precious creatures.

I wish you many happy adventures with yours!

Cheers - Lisa

Friday, July 23, 2010

Front Yard Makeover!

We moved into our home during the dead of winter. How disappointed I was when spring arrived and our front garden consisted of a tiny, dismal patch of grass. There were even large divets left from the tires of the moving truck. I lived with that for one summer while I planned my new front garden. I am a very traditional gal so I was dreaming of an english style garden with a beautiful stone fountain.

And then I saw these - Basalt Columns! My BF had them on display at her Koi Nursery and it was love at first sight. Basalt Columns are formed when lava floes crystallize over time and grow into long vertical columns. These were then drilled through vertically in order to allow water to flow through them.

First Hubs built a screen from lattice as a backdrop to the new garden. (Notice one of the columns laying on the ground? It took 4 strong men to lift it out of my van onto the front lawn).

The sod was all removed.

A very large Aquabasin had to be dug into the ground. This is where the filter would be hidden for our water feature.

Yes, this is me swinging the pick-axe! Whew ... what a job.

Finally the basin is in the ground. The filter was installed and two of the three columns were up and running!

After the addition of new soil and extensive planting here was the finished product! And we won a front garden recognition award that first year it was installed!

And now ... one year later!

I'll be linking this post to Funky Junk Interiors Saturday Nite Special!
Funky Junk's Sat Nite Special

Cheers - Lisa

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Adding Detail

It's all about the detail ... at least that's what I think. When we purchased our house 2.5 years ago, the biggest selling feature for me was all the detail. Although a fairly new home, the previous owners had taken the time to add beautiful thick crown moulding and extra large baseboards. There was also gorgeous detailed trim work around all the interior doors and an extraordinary fireplace mantel.

Here's my own small detail - corner brackets for the front entrance. These were purchased very inexpensively from Lowe's.

After much debate between Hubs and myself, I decided on a less ornate, simple profile. (Not the norm for me, I'm usually OVER-THE-TOP)

Out to the garage for painting.

Some liquid nails (I LOVE this product)!!!

And the results - a small, fresh detail which simply adds more character to my space.

It's the personal touches that truly make a house into a home.

Cheers - Lisa

Monday, July 19, 2010

Shabby Chalkboard

This was once a mirror that came as part of a set with a newly purchased bathroom vanity. I don't always like things "matchy/matchy" so I decided to make myself a chalkboard.

I painted the mirror a creamy white and I distressed it. Hubby cut out an MDF back and painted it with chalkboard paint. VOILA! It now welcomes guests to special dinners and events!

It provides notes of inspiration and SUPPORT when having a bad day!

AND finally ... it introduces my NEW BLOG!!!

Cheers - Lisa