Saturday, April 9, 2011


I attended a very special, by invitation only, sale yesterday.  A very talented lady who repurposes furniture is moving, fast, and had a garage full of furniture and accessories she needed to get rid of.  She advertised that every item would be sold for exactly what she paid for it!

One of my purchases was this gorgeous white wicker plant stand.

I was compelled to purchase one of these equally gorgeous hydrangeas when I saw them for sale at Home Depot.

I placed a small garden statue on the little shelf below.

I put the plant stand in my entrance to bring some much needed "Spring" to this tiny foyer.

 The second plant stand was purchased with the intent of going outdoors.

Actually, I'm not even sure it is a plant stand.  It has 3 holes in the bottom tier.  (Cats are allowed but must enter at their own risk as there are 3 dogs in residence)! 

Both the seller and I have 'assummed' that's what this 3-tiered, half round table was intended for and after much pondering over this piece, I decided to 'bring it in'.

I used clay pots with ivy in them to fill the 3 holes.

Also a couple of sweet birds because what's a garden without our feathered friends (even the indoor kind)?
Love the details ... brass feet and wheels.

Intricate turned wood.
A vintage inspired garden journal sits atop the second tier ...
Along with a wire bird cage, complete with nest and bluebird.

And a small white urn.
The top tier holds a faux lavender topiary in a clay pot.

Although there isn't much happening yet outside, my indoor garden is looking
lovely, thanks to the addition of my new plant stands!

I'm joining the party at French Country Cottage! It's Feathered Nest Friday No. 30!
Come and join the fun!

Monday, April 4, 2011


Here is my eldest son, pictured many years ago during Easter.  He was so adorable but also a handful;  a very spirited boy with a mind of his own!

He provided me with so much joy and entertainment!  He was an extremely active boy who kept me on my toes and on the run with his various activities.

He played hockey, baseball, soccer.  He took swimming lessons and Karate.  He was a Boy Scout and an Army Cadet.  He took guitar lessons but ...

eventually settled on playing the drums!  He played in his school band and is now currently playing in a local band, looking for their big break.

And while vacationing several years ago, he met Erica.

They fell in love, he proposed and they started planning a destination 'beach' wedding.

Last week they tied the knot in Jamaica!

Sadly, I was not able to attend but along with other family & friends who couldn't be there .....

I enjoyed a live webcast of the event!

Congratulations to my son and his new bride but looking back, where did the time go?

Cheers - Lisa