Saturday, April 9, 2011


I attended a very special, by invitation only, sale yesterday.  A very talented lady who repurposes furniture is moving, fast, and had a garage full of furniture and accessories she needed to get rid of.  She advertised that every item would be sold for exactly what she paid for it!

One of my purchases was this gorgeous white wicker plant stand.

I was compelled to purchase one of these equally gorgeous hydrangeas when I saw them for sale at Home Depot.

I placed a small garden statue on the little shelf below.

I put the plant stand in my entrance to bring some much needed "Spring" to this tiny foyer.

 The second plant stand was purchased with the intent of going outdoors.

Actually, I'm not even sure it is a plant stand.  It has 3 holes in the bottom tier.  (Cats are allowed but must enter at their own risk as there are 3 dogs in residence)! 

Both the seller and I have 'assummed' that's what this 3-tiered, half round table was intended for and after much pondering over this piece, I decided to 'bring it in'.

I used clay pots with ivy in them to fill the 3 holes.

Also a couple of sweet birds because what's a garden without our feathered friends (even the indoor kind)?
Love the details ... brass feet and wheels.

Intricate turned wood.
A vintage inspired garden journal sits atop the second tier ...
Along with a wire bird cage, complete with nest and bluebird.

And a small white urn.
The top tier holds a faux lavender topiary in a clay pot.

Although there isn't much happening yet outside, my indoor garden is looking
lovely, thanks to the addition of my new plant stands!

I'm joining the party at French Country Cottage! It's Feathered Nest Friday No. 30!
Come and join the fun!


  1. A perfect pair, I love both wicker and aqua. The hydrangea is very pretty, too.

  2. Yes your indoor garden is looking beautiful, my African violets are blooming! oxox, Diane

  3. Hi Lisa, I love both of your new plant stands! Especially love the aqua one, very French! Have a great week, kathee

  4. Hello, Happy Pink Saturday! Love your pink post this week. Very pretty plant stands! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment.
    Bless you, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  5. Hi Lisa~ I am so happy to see you are joining in the party! I love your plant stands!! I actually have one very similar to your aqua one... unfortunately the weather was not kind to it this year and it was ruined. But I saved the parts and am thinking of rebuilding it. Seeing yours looking so pretty- it is definitely on the list of projects!! Thanks ahead of time for coming by and sharing at FNF! :) Hope all is well with you!

  6. Hi Lisa! Love both of your new treasures! How I wish I could attend a sale like that, you luck one! I love anything white and wicker... but that tiered aqua/turquoise plant stand is absolutely fabulous!!! It is so unusual and I love the color. Since the weather there doesn't seem to be saying "spring" yet... it's nice you could bring some inside!


  7. Greetings, nice to meet you! And how beautiful! I love anything wicker, and I love anything aqua/turquoise/robin's egg blue, so I love both of your new items! I also love those hydrangeas, my favorite flower. Wow, I "love" everything you have -- I should move in! LOL! ;)

  8. wow everything goes so beautifully together, great finds!

  9. What a treat Lisa! I just love the blue stand with the little clay pots tucked in, although I would have never guessed that's what the holes were for!

  10. I love the second "plant stand" but it might be the color that draws me to it... And I saw hydrangeas at home depot too, but couldn't bring myself to buy them knowing we'll be moving in 2 months.

  11. Both of these are real finds; Vintage wicker has become so hard to find. I wonder if your little tiered table was meant for African Violets...the way you have used it is very pretty. It is such a great color. Have a happy day!

  12. Lisa,
    O My!! I am totally in love with your great buys!! The plant stand with the hydrangeas just sings Spring!! And I so love wicker!!
    But the sweet half moon stand ( or whatever you want to call it) is just the cutest thing!! Loving the color of it too! And how neat is it that those posts fit in those little holes. You have accessorized everything beautifully and you home is really ready for Spring now. The inside is but i am assuming that the outside may have a few little signs of Spring?
    It is in the high 60's here today but I worked last night and have to work tonight so I will be missing most of it!

  13. Hi Lisa,
    Such pretty plant stands! The clay pots look like they were made for the table. Does it look like someone cut this table in half? It looks great against a wall. Love that shabby white bird cage!
    Have a great Sunday!
    ~ Julie

  14. Hi Lisa, oh I love your indoor garden! so pretty and fresh, always nice to get something to freshen up our spaces!
    thank you for stopping by and saying hi, I always look forward to your nice comments~ have a great week!


  15. I love wicker but it always gets too dried out in Phoenix.

  16. Oh Lisa, everything looks gorgeous and spring-like! You really scored on those plant stands and the hydrangea is so pretty. I love that white cabinet and wall mirror nearby, too!
    Have a great week,

  17. I am in love with the romance and chic style of your home. Both plant stands are just that. The decor you used for both are perfect.

    Have a great day.....

  18. Lisa! Great plant stand and the blue table. So cute! You house looks lovley! Judy

  19. Lisa,
    That concert must have been so great!! Joe would have thought he died and went to heaven!! He is such a Led Zeppelin fan!
    I really like a good majority of the current top 40 music that is out there today. There was a period of time where I really didn't but then the tide turned...LOL!!
    ROCK ON!!

  20. I would say you got it spot on with your 3-tiered plant stand idea. Love that color!

  21. Hi Lisa,
    Your finds are wonderful; love the tiered plant stand! I like the colour of it too. Such a pretty hydrangea! Love your shabby mirror! Thanks for stopping by for tea today. Hope you have a wonderful week.


  22. I love your sweet springy vignette! That table is gorgeous an so unique! What a fabulous find!

  23. I love the plant stand and wicker plant holder. It really looks like spring has come to your house.I appreciate you stopping by my blog.

    Blessings, Sheila

  24. Hello Lisa:) Thanks for stopping by. Love your plant stands and that great white mirror you have. Just became a follower and will be back to say hello:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  25. Lisa,
    What wonderful pieces you've found - just love the plant stand - the detail and the color are gorgeous! Your wicker plant stand is so very lovely, especially with the pink Hydrangea - gorgeous entry!
    Love it!

  26. Great finds! I especially like your three tiered blue table and spring vignettes! I have that same bird cage, too!

  27. hello sweet friend :D
    i haven't had the chance to
    directly tell you that i
    loved the surprise you sent
    me...and was overwhelmed by
    your throughtfulness :D

    your indoor plants are
    certainly bringing in a
    touch of spring...i'm thinking
    that's the only way we'll get
    any here in PA...rain, rain,
    rain today and the rest of the

    i adore hydrangeas ~ i've had a
    dry arrangment in my office for
    the past 3 years and it's as
    lovely as the day it was given to

    take care and thanks again...
    and thank you so much for your
    visits to my blog and lovely comments!

    BEAR HUGS xxxx

  28. Gorgeous, as always! Every time I visit here, I always want to redecorate my home. I am so clueless on that! You're very inspiring and talented... thanks for sharing! -Tammy

  29. I love that pretty white wicker plant stand. Love me some white wicker! And that other "plant stand" is so cute!

  30. Hi Lisa, Great purchases! I like the shade of green that the tiered stand is finished with. The hydrangea is pretty too.

  31. Hi Lisa,
    Lovely purchases and I really like your little statue (btw, the colors on your walls are great!). I want to thank you for leaving me such sweet comments, hope you have a good day!

  32. Hey Lisa! What a sweet little plant stand! You styled it so wonderfully, too! Love that beautiful hydrangea --- wow! Thanks for leaving your sweet comment on my blog, my friend! There is just something so very healing and inspiring about being at the shoreline. :)

    xoxo laurie

  33. Oh Lisa, you lucky girl! I live for sales like these. How I wish I was there too. Love the three tiered display, very unusual shape. You did a great job with your displays.


  34. What great finds. They're so pretty. My favorite is the 3 tiered one. You lucky gal!

  35. Dear Lisa I love yoy aqua table and the flowers are very pretty and the way you display is fantantic!

  36. Well Lisa I sure will say your bringing Spring inside. What a unique piece you found and I sure do love how you decorated it!

    Happy PS,

  37. Very pretty..Thank you for sharing...HPS!

  38. You were definitely at the right place at the right time. You found some great pieces, Lisa.

  39. Hi Lisa,
    Wow, now that is a sale that I would love to attend! I really love your plant stands, you have a great eye! I also adore how you accessorized the three tiered one, that is so neat! I wonder if someone made that from a couple of different tables? I've never seen one just like it, love it all!!!

  40. Hi Lisa Thank you for coming by my blog..yes I ship to Canada and I can combine shipping....I am honored! Cottage Touch

  41. What great finds, lucky you to have found some awesome treasures! Love the plant stand!


  42. Hello Lisa! You've been quiet lately. I hope all is well. I wanted to let you know I'm having a giveaway, and hope you enter if you're interested.
    Take care,

  43. Hi Lisa!
    I know you haven't been in blogland for awhile and I hope you are doing well. Hope you are having a nice summer and was just thinking about you!

  44. Miss you Lisa! Hope your okay!!!


  45. hello Lisa
    i miss you
    hope all is ok

  46. Does anyone know where Lisa is? I've emailed her but haven't received a reply. Have been worried!

  47. Really great the color of the wooden plant stand.


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