Thursday, February 24, 2011


In the midst of a long, cold winter, I find that I tend to spend more time reading than any other time of year.  I recently purchased the book "Romantic Style" by Selina Lake and Sara Norrman.

There isn't much NOT to LOVE about this book ~ especially if
you're a die-hard romantic such as myself!

Inspiration = Tweaking Time at Suburban Retreat!

With Sping just around the corner, I've decorated the top of my
china cabinet in a Romantically Gardenish style!

I hung my rose print just above my cabinet, filling in that narrow
space between the crown molding and the top of the china cabinet.

I draped some pretty silk hydrangeas over the edge ...

And used a tall wire cloche.

Throw in a couple of cement garden pheasants ....

And there you have
Romantically Gardenish Style!
Chris from "Red Gate Farm" is visiting her daughter Krysta from "Dropped Stitch Knitter".
Chris is from Washington State, USA and when I learned she would be traveling to the Greater Toronto Area, well, I was EXCITEDChris was one of the first people from Blogland that extended a helping hand to me and we've been Blog Buddies ever since!

So obviously ... lunch was in order!

Failte Irish Pub

Mrs. Red Gate Farm Herself!

Chris came with her daughter Krysta and Krysta's boyfriend Sten!

Krysta - Dropped Stitch Knitter
The food was delicious, the conversation was lively and the afternoon was fabulous!  It was my pleasure spending time getting to know these lovely people and Sten, we're all anxiously waiting for you to jump into Blogland with both feet!

Sten ... Future Blogger???
I understand he brews a mean Beer!

There were plans underway for a couple of other Bloggers to get in on the fun but unfortunately, life gets in the way sometimes.

I would love to do something like this again so if anyone out there would be interested in a Blogger's Get-Together in the GTA, feel free to contact me and maybe something can be arranged again, when the weather improves!

Cheers ~ Lisa

Thursday, February 17, 2011


I've been technologically challenged the past few weeks with both my laptop at home and Blogger.  I thought I had forever lost my "Suburban Retreat" and the thought of starting over made me shudder.  Seriously ... I've missed you all and my daily "fixes"!

Vintage Valentine Dated 1922

I hope you all enjoyed a deliciously romantic Valentine's Day!  Hubs decided to think outside of the box this year and gifted me with something very original!  Personally, I like to remain within the confines of my container so the gift failed miserably.

Yes folks, it was an Ed Hardy Heart-Shaped Watch!  I wasn't totally ungrateful as the "Heart Shape" was not totally lost on me and I know what you're all thinking ...
"It's the Thought That Matters" and it truly is!

THOUGHTFULNESS - 10 out of 10
ORIGINALITY - 9 out of 10

Sorry Ed, but the watch went back and instead, we came home with this!

Babs hit a home run with this!  It's simply delightful!

After dinner Hubs went to collect the mail and SURPRISE, there was a package for me.  Several weeks ago I was THRILLED to be the lucky winner of French Country Cottage's Giveaway - an assortment of letterpressed stationary and treasures!  WOOHOO!

Sincere apologies - my poor photography does not do this artwork justice.
It must be seen in person to be truly appreciated.

Olivia of Olive Route works on two presses - a Chandler and Price platen press that's almost 100 years old and a mid-century Vandercook proof press.  PLEASE go visit Olive Route here and see for yourself the amazing talent she possesses.  She also has an Etsy shoppe where you can purchase ready-made products!

Picture Frame Courtesy of French Country Cottage
I also received a couple of SURPRISES in my Giveaway Box!

Trio of Dish Towels - Maybe Too Pretty to Use???
Thank you Courtney!

I've been awarded the "Stylish Blogger Award" a few times in the past month and have yet to publish my post (due to my technical difficulties).  Thank you to those who nominated me and I will get on this ASAP!

Ahhhhhhhh ... it's good to be back!

Cheers - Lisa

Monday, February 7, 2011




spells "LOVE" and that is what I'm feeling about my new banner that I purchased from Ginger
of Glitter & Roses from her ETSY shoppe!

Back in early December I blogged about this
beautiful Rose Print that I purchased at a new store in town
called Not Too Shabby.
As my home is ever-evolving (like so many of yours) that Rose Print has now been moved and replaced with this mirror that I recently purchased.  Originally I intended on using a mirror for this location as the diningroom window sits directly across from it.  This will help bring some much needed light into my rather dark main level.
Look at all the details!
And now I  


This marriage of my new mirror and my new banner!

Thank you dear Blogging friends for all your kind words
and comments on my last post.
You really are the Greatest!
Cheers - Lisa