Friday, January 7, 2011


The weekend just before Christmas I finally had the opportunity to visit a new store in town called "Not Too Shabby".  It was filled with beautiful treasures & trinkets and this was my purchase ... my Christmas gift to myself!

Having a blended family with 6 kids, Hubs and I have never made it a habit to put anything under the tree for each other.  The kids have always come first but if we see something we like during that time of year, we'll buy it and say it's for Christmas.

I could have filled my shopping cart at this store but I took my time and was very selective.  After all, my house & garage are stuffed with items that are waiting to be displayed in the perfect location.

Thanks Hubs for helping me find the perfect location!

My self-gifted Christmas present is Not Too Shabby!

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Cheers - Lisa


  1. Lisa,

    LOVE your present to yourself. This sounds like my kind of store... I think I'm gonna be looking the address up come next month ;)


    PS, tell your hubby that I like his shirt... we're a hockey household too.

  2. This is so you and I love it! It's something that will work all year round. It's a combo of elegant, shabby, and a bit of sophistication..

    Have a great weekend Lisa!

    Take care,

  3. Lisa; your roses are just beautiful--looks perfect where you have it and that frame is awesome too!

  4. Your picture is beautiful. It looks like a Paul DeLongpre print, I love those. Love that frame too! Great choice~

  5. Well, Miss Lisa!! That is just drop dead gorgeous!! You made a great selection!! And I have to tell you that i love your wall color too!
    Joe and I do the same, no gifts at Christmas because if we see something we want , we just buy it!
    Hope you have a great weekend and thanks again for all of your visits and sweet comments!!


  6. Good morning Lisa!
    Happy New Year Honey!!
    I would have purchased that print, too!! It is exquisitely devine!!
    What is the address of this new store? Have you been to see Chatelet; they have two stores in Toronto. One is one Queen Street East, the other Queen Street West. They have a website. Do a Google search for Chatelet Toronto!!
    Take care. Warm hugs, Laura

  7. Hi Lisa,
    I just love your selection; love the shabby frame too! A perfect present for yourself! Thanks for your visit and Happy Pink Saturday weekend to you.


  8. I'm sure you'll return to that store time and again. What a sweet rose print. I love the frame and the shape as well! Not your typical rectangle! Self-gifting is a great thing!

  9. What a beautiful print! It looks just perfect in the shabby frame. Like the photos you took of it, too!

  10. Love it!! Thanks for the visit... Always great to hear from you!!

  11. Love that print! The roses are just gorgeous. Merry Christmas to you!

  12. Lisa, I love that picture! Where is that store?...I may have to check it out when I head down south for some shopping.

  13. Hi Lisa, when you get a chance email me at I have no problem shipping to you in Canada! free! I only have 3 copies left! The email you gave me isn't correct or for some reason I keep getting a failure notice. thanks, kathee

    Ps I love this picture!!

  14. The last comment was supposed to be from me!!

  15. What a great gift to yourself!! My hubby and I do that a lot, we have 4 kids to buy for and 5 grandchildren plus my Mom and Sis. You picked a beautiful picture. Have a great week.

  16. Hi Miss Lisa! It is GORGEOUS and so perfect in your space! I love the colors and the shabby romantic feel of it-just love it! Great job finding something so perfect! Thanks for sharing at my party this week! :)

  17. Hi Lisa, I love this! I have seen these vintage rose prints and would love to have one too! Enjoy your Christmas gift! Happy New Year!
    ~ Julie

  18. Hi Lisa
    I love the vintage rose pictures. I have one but the frame is round and needs work. But hey I got it for $5!
    I just found you from Lisa over at Serendipity!
    Nice to meet you!

  19. After I saw the post on the wonderful little shop I had to come find the post on the roses you mentioned. I've missed too many post...the roses are beautiful, the snow is awesome, and that shop is full of the cutest stuff. I will never stay away so long again!


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