Thursday, January 20, 2011


With the fun & festivities of the Christmas holiday season sadly over, we now find ourselves past the midway point in January - an opportune time for the Winter BLUES to set in.

We're experiencing, in my humble opinion, quite a harsh Winter here.  When my sons were boys, I eagerly embraced all of the various seasons.  Winter represented hockey along with skiing and snowboarding, all activities that my boys participated in from the time they could walk.  But my sons are now men and they don't rely upon me any longer to accompany them to their activities.

Maybe it's the fact that I now find myself a middle-aged woman.  The bitter cold of our Canadian winter seems to go right through my clothing and settle in to my bones.  I'm left always feeling 'chilly'!  Maybe it is my fear of slipping and falling on the ice.  I don't want to end up like my Dad!

Owning 3 dogs forces me outdoors at least twice daily, no matter what the temperature or weather conditions.

Due to my work schedule and our days of 'shortened light', my first walk of the day happens in the AM before sunrise and my last walk of the day is after sunset in the PM.  My daily dose of fresh air is experienced in total darkness. 

I now eagerly await & will joyfully embrace our next season!

No wonder I'm feeling BLUE!


  1. As a fellow Canadian dealing with this cold winter I totally understand your feelings. Once I turn the calendar page to January I start counting down the days to spring. ~Alana~

  2. Fortunately for all of us... spring will come! I too can hardly wait. To tide me over, I look through my seed catalogs, planning my upcoming plantings.

    I must admit, if I didn't have my plane tickets already booked for my trip to Toronto next month... I might be scared off by all that snow!


  3. Hey Lisa,

    The snow looks so pretty!!! It looks as the the dogs are liking it!!!!

  4. Oh it looks so snowy and COLD!! I am not a winter lover either- I get chilled to the bone too and stay that way the whole winter it seems!! I look forward to green grass, planting my window boxes and relaxing outside in the warm summers evenings... Stay warm and know that every day is a day closer to the warm weather! Hugs, Courtney

  5. I know what you mean about the weather and the unruly hours that our four-legged children can wake us....just the other morning we had a windchill of -25 degrees F, and I thought for sure I would never get warm again! Stay toasty!

  6. Lisa we are having the same frigid snowy weather here as well!

    I am staying positive..

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  7. Whew Lisa just know I would have a hard time dealing with that kind of weather, I was born & raised in California, and I get blue when we have rain for more then a few days. I have family in Oregon and I love it there but I really don't think I would be happy during their winter months. I hope the sun shines soon for you! Hugs, Diane

  8. Your blues will turn rosy pink before you know it.

  9. Nashville got hit again with frigid weather last's cold to us..thanks for visiting Mel's Cabin this morning. I love your dog in the snow picture,,he's a sweetie for sure..he's lovin' the snow too. Post a comment anytime you're in the neighborhood.
    Mel's Cabin

  10. Hey Lisa, thought it was cold here(21 this morning). That's alot of snow. Your dog looks happy. Mine love the cold too. Thanks for all of your posts, I really appreciate u stopping by. Stay warm. Judy

  11. I could have signed my name to your post today...
    especially that Aussie Shep playing in the snow.
    BEAR loves it...we have an invisible fence for
    her and she goes out alone, although never for
    long periods of time...but there she is, just
    lying on our sidewalk between the house and garage...and I have to coax and coax her to come back in...
    We're not supposed to get above the teens this weekend. Stay inside my friend, soft jammies, warm socks, cup of tea, and fur babies at your feet :)

  12. Funny how we were both thinking about the same thing this week. I cant remember a winter where I longed for the Spring so badly. I asked hubs if we could move to Hawaii, but he lovingly declined. Thanks for posting well wishes on my blog, and have a fabulous weekend!!

  13. Hi Lisa,
    I guess we both had the 'blues' this week. I can relate to the weather woes. I just shovelled 6 more inches of snow today, and yearn for a warmer climate. Let's hang in there!
    - Susan

  14. Oh it looks so cold! I have never lived where it got really cold in the winter and I think that I would have a very difficult time dealing with it. It seems that so many people are suffering through exceptionally cold winters this year...I almost feel quilty that it is so temperate here. But my, you must have wonderful Springs! Stay warm.(-:

  15. I can relate to all that snow, as I used to live in a snowy climate. Wish I could send you some warm weather over from California!
    Warm Wishes,

  16. I know - though we haven't had nearly that much snow - rainy, icy here. Today it is bright and sunny but quite cold!
    I am puttering in the house - alone - all are out - love peace and quiet moments - I guess I should be puttering instead I'm paying visits - this charms and cheers me!
    Hope you have a sunny day,

  17. It hasn't been a harsh winter where I am (4hrs north of you)....however it has been a harsh week for us! Today it is a chilly -26 with the windchill and tonight it will get to -38 but its not going to last(hopefully). As long as it doesn't stay for weeks on end! Where I am a lot of the snowstorms seem to miss us. Won't be long and we'll see signs of spring right?....lets keep our fingers crossed!
    Take care

  18. Hi Lisa,
    I can so relate to your winter blues! I have been forcing myself not to complain about winter, but days like today make it hard not to! Your dog is so cute! I too walk ours every day, regardless of the weather!! Thanks so much for your nice comments, and for following, too! Hubby and I love Canada, we went to Quebec City last month, love it there!! (boy, was it freezing, too!). Keep warm & cozy!

  19. Our Winter here in Western New York has been colder than usual too! This weekend's highs are only in the single digits... brrrr.... You have to plan some fun things while we all await Spring. I am not a winter sports person so I need to make up some fun things. The bright side: January is almost over, yay!


  20. Oh I hear you, leave in the dark, come home in the dark. But it will be over before we know it, as long as our bones don't crack in the cold! : )


  21. Spring and gardening will be here soon, as well as longer, more sunny days. Yeah! It has rained so much here and some days are so dark I have to have a lamp on all day. I am ready for some sun.
    ~ Julie


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