Monday, January 10, 2011

RIP MRS. 'B' (The Gift)

Bebee, Elizabeth (Bess)

Passed away suddenly at Lakeridge Health in Oshawa on Tuesday, March 30, 2010 at the age of 70. Bess Bebee (nee Garrison) wife of the late Roy Bebee. Loving mother of Laura (Kevin) Engelsman, Angela (Doug) Wright and Audrey Bebee and her companion Jeremiah Knight. Dear grandmother of Raymond Engelsman and his girlfriend Natasha Handley. Sister-in-law of Mickey Garrison and predeceased by her brother Reg Garrison and survived by her sister Flo Hawkey. At the request of Bess Bebee no funeral service was held. Memorial donations in her memory may be made to the Port Perry Hospital Foundation. Funeral arrangements entrusted to Low and Low Funeral Home, Port Perry (905) 985-7331.

This is my best friend's Mother.  Mrs. "B" resided with Laura and her family
on their 98 acre farm.

We became friends many years ago as children, growing up on the same street where my parents still live.  There was a group of us that all hung around together.  Typical of a group of kids, especially consisting of mostly girls, there were disputes and disagreements.  As a result, I always believed Mrs. "B" did not really like me as I regularly butted heads with her middle daughter, Audrey.

Regardless, my friendship with Laura has stood the test of time and distance and we remain best friends.  Hubs and I visit the farm regularly.  Mrs. "B" would always host a lovely dinner while we visited and then we would awake to a huge country breakfast, always with a pot of coffee on and a cheerful smile!  Laura and I would occasionally discuss the fact that I always believed her Mother did not like me but Laura would assure me, that was well in the past.

The night before Mrs. "B" passed, the family enjoyed an evening out together at a local pub. She suffered a massive stroke sometime during the night so sadly, nobody had time to say goodbye.

Upon reading her Will, there was a paragraph that stated Mrs. "B" had left instructions, in handwriting, on various items and possessions around the house, indicating who they were to go to.  As the family started going through all of her possessions they would examine each item closely, looking for any notations left by Mrs. "B"., but found nothing.  Months passed.

Laura & Kevin came to spend the weekend with us just before the holidays.  This was a rare occurrence as they can't normally get away from the farm and their chores.  When they walked in the house they had a very large box in their hands.  Laura placed it on my dining room table and said this was something for me from her Mother.  What did she mean?  I was surprised & confused.  Open it, I was told.

  In the box was a large crock, one that was kept in Mrs. "B"'s office.  I have a small collection of crocks but still didn't understand how this was coming into my possession.  Laura turned the crock over to show me her Mom's handwritten message on the bottom. 
Lisa & Glenn!  That's us!  The crock was intended for us and it is the only item in the farmhouse, so far, that has been designated specifically for somebody.

I guess I was wrong ... Mrs."B" really did like me and now I'll forever have her special gift to remember her by, forever!



  1. Oh Lisa, how sweet! This brought tears to my eyes. What a special lady she must have been.

  2. What an incredible story Lisa~ makes me think how many times we 'think' that someone doesn't like us or is mad at us or what not when really that is not the case at all. How sweet of Mrs. B to think of you and leave something to you that she knew you would treasure. You must have been quite special to her.

  3. How sweet! Love the crock, and the story behind it is precious :) Thank you for sharing! -Tammy

  4. That is just a very special surprise I bet you will treasure that crock for life~ Thank you for sharing. Hugs, Diane

  5. OMGosh Lisa! This is so sweet!! This brought tears to my eyes also! How special she was thinking of you. I'm glad you did a blog post all about her!!
    Just also wanted to let you know your magazine was sent today...enjoy my friend! xokathee

  6. What a lovely surprise for you! You never know how people think sometimes....and she obviously knew you'd love the crock.I loved this post!


  7. sorry to read this....receiving things from precious people is a real treasure in itself. Use it with love from her...

    Take care,
    Mel's Cabin

  8. Oh, Lisa, I'm so glad Mrs. B left the crock to you! I'm sure she truly did love you and this was her final way of showing you just that! I know you will cherish the crock always. I'm happy for you. Thanks for sharing a touching story and thank you for stopping by for tea. I hope you have a lovely week.


  9. Lisa,

    to know she really care about you is priceless. And what a special memory and keepsake to now go with it.

  10. Sorry for your loss. I'm glad you have a special gift to remember her by.

  11. Lucky you...she REALLY did like you! This reminds me of what we are all doing at my mom and dad's...mostly in fun but I think a couple of us kids are serious! (there are 9 of us!)...if there is something we think we want (believe me...nothing of monetary value) we put our name on the back of it. Some of the names have been crossed off several times and a new name added! Kind of fun....even my mom and dad get a kick out of it...however, there is one original picture of my mom that I definitely want...the only thing really...and I don't care who's name is on is mine!...

  12. What a wonderful story, I guess one never really knows what is in another persons heart; this is much more than an ordinary gift would have been. Thank you for visiting me and leaving such a nice comment.(-: and thank you for this sweet story.

  13. What a dear post! That gave me ideas - I am sure you'll treasure this, smiling remembering your friend and Mrs "B".
    God Bless,

  14. You just gave me chills! Good chills! What an amazing story. So sad too. She was so young and her family did not deserve to lose her.

    Thanks for sharing this Lisa....

    Take care,

  15. Hi Lisa, What a special gift and keepsake!
    ~ Julie

  16. beautiful story, and thank you for sharing. well done..


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