Sunday, January 9, 2011


And so it would seem our Canadian Winter is finally upon us!

This is what I woke up to on Saturday morning!

My 'Snow Dog', Strider, LOVES this weather!
One of my dear Blogging Buddies sent this along to me over the holidays!

How adorable, and appropriate, is this delightful
vintage-inspired snowman box!
Here he can sit all winter long ...

Amongst some other 'snow people' ...
Waiting for the first signs of SPRING!

Thank you for the lovely gift!

Cheers - Lisa

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  1. Dear Lisa,
    I just LOVE all of your Winter decorations!
    As soon as i can get Christmas down,( which will take me awhile) , I will be able to start inside winter decorating and Valentine's Day decorating. I do have a lot of V Day decorations!
    Thanks for all of your visits, dear friend!!


  2. My SIL in Oakville received a tonne of snow too, we're still waiting for a good dumping here. We've been waiting since Dec 2008. Let it snow!!!


  3. Super snowy-wow! I am cold just looking at your pictures. What a darling little treasure from a blog friend- so sweet! Stay warm! :)

  4. Lisa... LOVE the snow dog! One of our dogs (Cady the yellow lab) is a snow dog too. She literally dives and slides.

    We got up to scant snow here, which for us is big news. The forecast is for more this week.

    Enjoy your white weather,
    Ps~ love the snow theme display ;)

  5. Oh, Lisa... I love Strider! What a cute dog, and that picture is priceless. Love all of your cute decorations and enjoyed seeing the snow. It's such a rare occurence in Florida that I have to get my snow fix vicariously through my friends in winter climes. Enjoyed seeing this so much. It's lovely.

    Happy Seasonal Sunday...


    Sheila :-)

  6. Hubby wants a dog so bad that he can play outside with. That's a few years down the road, but yours looks awfully cute. Love all your snowmen stuff.

  7. Hello new follower of Mel's Cabin! Great snowmen pictures. I like'em too and use them at Christmas time. It's cold and snow movin' in tonight at the cabin. So, we're staying inside and watching football under the quilts.
    Stop by my cabin any time...
    Take care,
    Mel's Cabin
    PS: Your puppy is adorable in the snow!

  8. Oh MY Gosh girl...That is alot of snow! Here where I live the closest it comes to snow is the grass looks a little! It is in the 60's here today...great day for the Rose Bowl Flea market! Anyway I sent you a paypal for the magazine..(hopefully you get it)..let me know if you don't.
    Is Strider a Aussie? I have 2 Aussies! The best dogs ever! I have a black tri named Dakota and a Blue Merle named Missy. to you soon girl...xokathee

  9. Hello, Lisa! Thank you for finding and visiting my blog! Thank you, too, for becoming my newest follower - I just became YOUR newest follower. :) I am looking forward to discovering your blog and reading your posts. Take care!

  10. P.S. I forgot to say: Your home looks lovely in the snow and your dog is so cute!

  11. Hi, Lisa -- It's me AGAIN! I just tried replying to your comment on my blog, via email, but I got "no reply" for your email (you can change that too on your profile!!). This is what I was going to email you:
    Hello, Lisa! I saw that you had become my newest Follower and I couldn't find your blog! I clicked on your photo and it didn't show your blog (You can change that some way -- I think you have to go to your "profile" so that your blog page address will show up). Anyway, thank you for leaving a comment so that I could find your blog and follow YOU! I just went to your blog. Thanks again for visiting and YES, please DO watch CATFISH. It is an amazing WEIRD true story, and you will be shocked near the ending. Trust me, you won't be sorry. Great meeting you!
    Best regards,

  12. Hi Lisa, I am ready for Spring as well. We have been lucky here(we're approx. 2 1/2 hrs north of Barrie) thus far. A lot of the snow melted from the rain we got during the holidays...and I'm not complaining! Your snowman gift is very sweet, however I would change it to 'don't snow' LOL

  13. Strider is adorable, Lisa! Everyone needs a fur coat where you live........Burrrrr:)! But...I must say that your "Winter Wonderland" is so-o beautiful! Thank you for stopping by and saying, "Hello." Have a great week.

  14. Nice to meet you and your blog Lisa...
    Enjoyed looking around here.
    We have Lots of snow in common...I'm from Michigan.
    Enjoy it, we'll have it for a while!
    Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  15. Hello Lisa,
    Thanks for your nice visit to my blog! I love your photos of the snow. We've got similar scenes here. May as well admire how pretty it is, since winter is long, huh?
    Take care,

  16. Everything looks so postcard perfect Lisa! I don't get snow at all so I just love when I see images of snow. Strider looks like the perfect snow dog...he should be featured in a calendar somewhere :-)

  17. Lisa
    The Snowmen are perfect. Your doggy is picture postcard perfect too!

  18. Oh how lucky for you to be sent such lovely treasures.

    Thanks for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper


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