Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Tiger's Eye Sumac and Hydrangea
 This weekend was a smorgasbord of activity!  Do you ever experience anything similiar ~ a small nibble of this & a sampling of that?

We did some antiquing where I found this enamel pitcher.  I've been looking for one for quite some time now.

I ended up paying $22 for this pitcher.  I don't know ... is that a  good price?  I have nothing to compare to because I haven't spotted one all summer during our outings.

Some "Crown" jars.

Asking price was $4/each but I snagged the set of three for $10.00.

And a weekend visit from Hub's youngest daughter who came to show us her new car!
How fun ~ 18 years old, getting her very first car and it's a totally cool Volkswagen Beetle!

I also starting working on putting my garden to bed for the winter.  

  We also enjoyed a brief visit to the Toronto Zoo.

This was by far the cutest wee monkey that we saw ~ our friend's daughter Scarlett!

Hub's daughters!

Add in a Chinese food dinner and a movie night and you've got yourself some weekend fun!

Cheers ~ Lisa

Friday, October 22, 2010


Today I'm going to share part of Hub's nest!  His 'Man-Cave'!
Yes, it's the basement.  And it contains all the usual masculine fare ~ X-TRA LARGE plasma tv, pub set, leather club chair and oversized ottoman.  To some degree, I've been allowed to 'feather his nest' in the cave and I'll share some of what I've done.
We've worked together ~ team-work~ and have both compromised.  For me, it has meant nothing floral.  For Hubs it has meant no sports memorabilia!
This was one of Hub's first antique purchases.

It's an old phone box.  In its day it would have been hung on the outside of a barn.  The phone would have been kept inside this box, protected from the elements.
We added the Bell tin sign.

A couple of old fans.  And both work!
This was a sign that could NOT be left behind when we discovered it at an antique show!

McDowell is Hub's family name!  It was meant to be.

We found this sign last weekend.  These signs are specially designated for Century old farms in Ontario.  The same family has had to operate the farm for over 100 years to qualify for one of these signs.

Check out this oil painting!  The man in the painting is Hub's maternal grandfather.  Look at the sign above him in the painting.  He lived on a Century Farm that his father and his father before him had all owned & operated.  Unfortunately, the farm is no longer in the family  but there is a strong sentimental significance in our recent purchase.

And check out this Ration's booklet!  These were used during the Second Wold War to limit the use of food and free up supplies for the military and their allies.

Here is a small collection of antique game boards.  They all came from a dealer in Quebec.

A burlap covered antique chair.
No. 16 ~ Hub's Hockey Jersey number!

I am not a basement dweller ~ I find them too dark and lacking in natural light but I am a decorating 'Hoarder' and want to have creative control over all of the spaces in my home.  I feel very satisfied with the results of the basement while at the same time, giving Hubs a space that he thoroughly enjoys escaping to each and every evening.

 He absolutely cherishes his time spent in the "Land of Sanctuary", "Peace Island" and the "Den of Silence", all various names he has given his "Man-Cave".

I'm linking up this post to French Country Cottage's Feathered Nest Friday No. 5 and Southern in my Heart's Inspiration Friday Party No. 9 .  Please go have a peek at all the participants at both parties.  Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

Cheers ~ Lisa~

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Today I took a one-day sabbatical from my office job to attend Landscape Ontario's Expo with my friends.  It's a three-day trade show for people in the industry ~ showcasing things like Landscape Designers, Garden Centres, Fountains & Water Features, Lawn Furniture, etc.  I mainly went for the chance to have a visit with my friends.  It was an opportunity to chat and catch-up while walking around perusing all the wares.  I never imagined to see these!

I realize these ladies are reproductions ~ I've seen this same style before.

But the real ones are hard to come by!  Maybe even impossible here in this part of Ontario as I've searched for a couple of years now and have never so much as even set my eyes upon a reproduction.
I paid less than one-third of what I've seen other reproduction Santos Cage Dolls listed for ~ and those all ship from the USA.

These babies were definitely coming home with me!
They now stand proudly, flanking either side of the fireplace.

Cheers   ~ Lisa ~