Friday, October 22, 2010


Today I'm going to share part of Hub's nest!  His 'Man-Cave'!
Yes, it's the basement.  And it contains all the usual masculine fare ~ X-TRA LARGE plasma tv, pub set, leather club chair and oversized ottoman.  To some degree, I've been allowed to 'feather his nest' in the cave and I'll share some of what I've done.
We've worked together ~ team-work~ and have both compromised.  For me, it has meant nothing floral.  For Hubs it has meant no sports memorabilia!
This was one of Hub's first antique purchases.

It's an old phone box.  In its day it would have been hung on the outside of a barn.  The phone would have been kept inside this box, protected from the elements.
We added the Bell tin sign.

A couple of old fans.  And both work!
This was a sign that could NOT be left behind when we discovered it at an antique show!

McDowell is Hub's family name!  It was meant to be.

We found this sign last weekend.  These signs are specially designated for Century old farms in Ontario.  The same family has had to operate the farm for over 100 years to qualify for one of these signs.

Check out this oil painting!  The man in the painting is Hub's maternal grandfather.  Look at the sign above him in the painting.  He lived on a Century Farm that his father and his father before him had all owned & operated.  Unfortunately, the farm is no longer in the family  but there is a strong sentimental significance in our recent purchase.

And check out this Ration's booklet!  These were used during the Second Wold War to limit the use of food and free up supplies for the military and their allies.

Here is a small collection of antique game boards.  They all came from a dealer in Quebec.

A burlap covered antique chair.
No. 16 ~ Hub's Hockey Jersey number!

I am not a basement dweller ~ I find them too dark and lacking in natural light but I am a decorating 'Hoarder' and want to have creative control over all of the spaces in my home.  I feel very satisfied with the results of the basement while at the same time, giving Hubs a space that he thoroughly enjoys escaping to each and every evening.

 He absolutely cherishes his time spent in the "Land of Sanctuary", "Peace Island" and the "Den of Silence", all various names he has given his "Man-Cave".

I'm linking up this post to French Country Cottage's Feathered Nest Friday No. 5 and Southern in my Heart's Inspiration Friday Party No. 9 .  Please go have a peek at all the participants at both parties.  Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

Cheers ~ Lisa~


  1. Hi Lisa,
    What a great 'man cave' with all those antique elements! Love the telephone and I really like the colour on the wall! So many great things; very unique and representative of your hub's past. I think it's a fabulous space. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Love the brandy sign! And a family name? Perfect!

  3. Omigosh Lisa! That has got to be the nicest man cave I've seen. I love the old phone box, and that chair is so fabulous!!! Did you make it? The old stove...sigh...Your hubby must be really happy there, huh? My hubby wants a man cave too...but for now, he's lucky to have his own office space (ha!ha!).

    Happy Friday!

  4. This is a great room. I love the phone box and the burlap chair!I wish my mans cave looked like this. Awesome!

  5. WoW Lisa,
    You and Hubs have done great job on his Man Cave!! I love the phone box!! Great patina!!
    I remember when those Century Farm signs came out. It was during Canada's centennial celebration in 1967. (I was seven!!) And you are correct, they were given to family's who had run a family farm for one hundred years or more. There used to be quite a few here in eastern Ontario, sadly, tho, like your hubby's family, most of them have been sold and incorporated into larger farms or the land subdivided and sold for building lots. Time marches on.............
    Take care. Hugs, Laura

  6. Great job on the Man Cave!! I love the phone box, and the bits of family memorabilia you have found to put in there! The chair is just delightful- but don't tell him how pretty it looks in the cave! Thanks for joining the party this week, Lisa!! Hope all is well with you and yours!! :)

  7. Hi Lisa! Oh man, this was such a fun space to get a tour of! I love how you said that you need to have creative control...preach it sister! :-) I especially love the burlap chair and those fans were amazing! Thanks so much for linking this up to the party this week and for all of your lovely comments!

  8. Ohhh this is a room that can continue it's decorating... this is a nice room. Whatever does he do down there? I love how possesive they get when you give them a "space" just for them. Tammy

  9. Your husband's man cave certainly has something interesting items. My favourite is the Ontario Century Farm sign, of course. I also really like how you were able to find the liquor sign with the family name. Just an idea, but I have often heard that you are supposed to hang horseshoes with the tips up, so the luck doesn't run out.

  10. wow, you did a beautiful job warming up the room, and all your finds were obviously meant to be!!!
    my dad has one of those rations booklets!
    i love all the stuff you found and that century farms sign is so great.
    have a wonderful weekend.

  11. Great Man Cave! The signs and game boards are a great addition. My favorite item is the chair with his jersey number. Have a great weekend. Jennifer

  12. I love this! We don't live in our own place, but we've talked about an eventual den/man cave. I'd love to know how you got him to compromise... I don't mind the sports memorabilia, being a sports fan myself, but I need to draw the line at a "swamp" door from M*A*S*H...

  13. I really wish I could see your house in person Lisa....Everything you do is unique and above and beyond. We don't have space for a "man cave", but if we did, I would hope my husband would go with the decor your husband chose. Definitely beats the typical man cave with stripper poles and kegs of beer..LOL!!

  14. Lisa,
    What a great Man cave!! I love everything that you have decorated it with!! Just stunning!! and very masculine too!! But stunning!! LOL!!


  15. Thanks Lisa. The puppy has been a challenge the past two days. Chewing on a slipcover and peeing indoors (even right after coming in from doing that outside.) We are watching her so closely but we'll have to keep at it :) Hoping you are having a great weekend. {Sorry I answered in the comments, but I don't have your email.}

  16. What a great space you both have created. The family pieces and memorbilia are perfect. I love that you have those things reminding you of your husbands family. Priceless!

  17. Lisa, it's perfect! Oh to have a basement to give to my hubs..he gets a corner in the garage for now!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leave such a sweet comment..I always appreciate your visits!

    have a great weekend and week ahead..

  18. Oh, I just love the man cave! My poor husband needs one of those! SERIOUSLY! My house is really small and completely overrun with shabby and i mean the fluffy kind! Oh well, he still loves me! Maybe I could start with his bathroom. LOL
    i checked out those cage dolls, very cool, i would never guess that they are a repro, who cares as long as you love them

  19. Lisa the "man cave" looks fabulous! What a great compromise you guys made. But really, no florals, no pink, ha!


  20. Such a great room filled with antiques and treasures! I loved the chair with your husbands hockey jersey # ~ such a great idea (my husband's jersey was # 15 :-))

  21. Hi Lisa, what a great man cave! That is amazing that you have the family farm sign and painting with it! What a keepsake! Very cool chair. Did you do the painting?
    ~ Julie

  22. I really like how you have decorated your husbands man cave.... especially love the burlap chairs! My husband has his own room (office) that's decorated more masculine, as is painted red, too!

  23. Love all the elements you chose ~ fabulous!

  24. Lisa,
    This is fantastic! I especially love the Ontario farm sign along with the oil painting of your husband's grandfather with the same painting! So special to have those family ties along with your collectibles!

    I also love the fans and the ration booklet. It's great you both could "work together" on this room.

    I was so excited to show my husband and son that I forgot to leave a post on Friday! So better late than never.

    Hope the start to your week is a great one,

  25. You both did well! Classy and masculine, great job! I just love the century farm sign. I pass a century farm every day and am amazed at it's significance. Good find!



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