Sunday, October 17, 2010


While heading out to a local park with the dogs, we passed by our neighbour's house, who was dragging stuff out of her garage, preparing for a sale!  As we passed by I did a quick scan and yelled ... "Stop the Car".
I spied this trunk laying on the driveway, between a rack of used kids clothing and some Fisher Price toys.  Twenty bucks she said when I inquired about how much she wanted for the trunk.  SOLD!

After our excursion at the park, we went back to pick up the trunk.  Mr. B.W. Hambly it said.  Our neighbour explained that was her FIL.
Mr. Hambly's journey began in Glasgow, Scotland and ended in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
He also visited Liverpool.

And West Africa!

Mr. Hambly was well travelled.

As was our trunk.

I'm glad it's final resting place is with us.

She's in good hands.


  1. What a wonderful find! I love a piece with it's own history. You got a nice bargain too!

  2. Hey Lisa, Score on the trunk!! What a fantastic piece with all that history and charm! Great find!! :)

  3. That's so awesome! Where are you going to put it?

  4. hi Lisa...I love when something grabs my attention like that!
    it is an icredible find! and yes...please tell us..where are you going to set it up?

  5. Hiya Lisa!!
    Holy Fabulous Trunk Batman!!!! It is wonderful! I love those stickers!! I love my suitcases and trunks, 'cuz they are fabulous for storing all kinds of stuff!!
    If my trunks are a bit smelly when I get them, I just sprinkle a box of baking soda in it and leave it for a week, then vacuum it out. I have had great success with this method (I mentioned this just incase your trunk was smelly)
    I have been very negligent about posting lately......I'll be back in Blogville this week!
    Hugs, Laura

  6. I love the junk on your trunk! All those stickers and labels are awesome! Great find!

  7. What a great vintage trunk! The stickers make it even better! Let us know how you decide to use it!


  8. Lisa, I am taking a bit of a break to visit some of my favorite people and when I saw your trunk, I gasped!! $20 is a steal for this and the history behind it is priceless!! You did good girl!!! I am thrilled for you and your new purchase and I know it is in good hands!!


  9. Talk about timing! A great price, but knowing the details of its history is priceless! Good eyes! : )


  10. Really like your suitcase. It is a veteran traveler. How will you display it? I have several from my grandmother. Really like the inside!

  11. I love the trunk! I have an old trunk-style suitcase that belonged to a friend of the family. It's really neat to have pieces of travel history like that.

  12. Lisa,
    That is just adorable! I love old suitcases and trunks, I have some stacked in my booth to make a table and I also paint the, although these seem too cool to paint!
    My hoosier cabinet has its original pain and flakes off alot but I love how shabby it is!
    Your finds are terrific and very cool to know the history!

  13. WOW.. score! What a piece of nostalgia that is! Too cool. Hugs. Tammy

  14. Hi Lisa, you scored a great suitcase for sure. I can't believe the family would get rid of it. I have been slacking in my blogging lately, haven't been doing too much junkin or painting. Working two jobs doesn't leave me much time for my hobbies in the fall. Hopefully I can finish my buffet soon so I can blog about that at least!

  15. Oh the stories that trunk could tell! I don't know how she could sell it. When I read the line "stop the car!" I hear that woman from the Ikea commercial "start the car!!!"

  16. Lisa,

    I gotta ask, do your dogs really just STAND there in the back of your open vehicle WAITING to be LET out! If so, your's are SOOO much better behaved than mine! They're out the door over my lap when the car stops, I guess we all know I'm NOT the alpha dog :)

    Love your new trunk. There are so many fun things you can do with something like that and it has storage capabilities too. The travel stickers on it are absolutely the coolest part of it.

    Hope you are enjoying the start to your week.

  17. Very cool! The history that trunk could tell you. Will you re-do it or leave as is?


  18. What a great find!
    I enjoyed visiting your blog for the first time-
    I am a new follower.

    White Spray Paint

  19. Never mind the dogs are super cute! I'd like to squeeze the lot of them.

  20. Hi Lisa, Love the trunk! The travel stickers add such authentic character.
    ~ Julie

  21. I love it....and that you know it's provenance makes it even better....

    Warm blessings,

  22. That is just the sweetest hun, having a piece of history to go along with a fabulous well traveled trunk!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! I love your cute doggies too AND the wire cage thingy sitting next to your trunk in the last photo... where oh where did you find that???

    Hugs from Minnesota!!;O)


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