Thursday, January 5, 2012


I promise ... be a better Blogger and not only NOT neglect my Suburban Retreat but also NOT neglect my email account associated with my Suburban Retreat.  I do hope to keep these Resolutions better than my prior intentions to “Lose Weight” ... 

"Quit Smoking", "Exercise Regularly, "Eat Healthier" and so on!

Our Blogland is full of many Wonderful, Caring and Thoughtful individuals.  Hugs and more Hugs to all those who thought of me during my hiatus.  Sometimes bad things happen to good people but my life is back on track and I start 2012 with renewed Enthusiasm and Optimism.

I purchased this two-piece pine hutch off of Kijiji for $70.00.

The plate slats were removed to give it a more 'updated' look.  The entire piece was primed with Kilz.

I need some colour in my life so after much contemplation I selected this shade of Green

Further contemplation had me resand the top and then apply a walnut stain.  The drawers were painted in a cream colour.

Never one for doing things in a proper sequence, I then searched for a co-ordinating fabric to tie the entire piece together.  Spray adhesive glued the fabric to my back wood panel.


Nothing like a little colour to brighten one's world during winter's bleakness!

Some new hardware for added 'bling'!

I rushed this project to complete it just in time to be dressed for the holidays.

 Happy New Year to all of you and may 2012 bring you Peace, Joy and Good Health.  I look forward to visiting with you soon.

Cheers - Lisa

Addendum - May I add "Aquire More Patience" to my Resolution List?  After a long Blogger absence, this post has taken me 3 hours to complete!


  1. Wow, Lisa! I love the color and the fabric looks wonderful! So glad you're back!

  2. Welcome back, long lost friend! How lovely this piece turned out. You did a wonderful job!

  3. So glad your back! I thought of you often and wondered if you were ill or glad your okay!
    Love the hutch, great job! Happy New Year to you also!


  4. Lisa! Lisa! Lisa!!! I have missed you soo much!! Lisa (you know who) and I have wondered about you, thought about you, missed you... so glad to see something pop up from you!!! I hope you are well my sweet friend!! Happy New Year!!! Love and hugs, Courtney

  5. What an incredible make over!
    So glad you're back, I missed you:)


  6. OMG you have been busy and it sure looks good! Missed you and please don't stay away so long you are missed (:

  7. Lisa,
    Did you know you have your email turned off? It says noreplycomment.

  8. Lisa I've missed glad you're back :D
    BEAR HUGS ~victoria~

  9. LISA!!!!!!

    Hello my friend!! : ) How I missed you so and a little worried. Whatever you've had to deal with, I am sorry, that you're looking forward to the new year, makes me happy and that's all we have to say about that. ; )

    Love the hutch! I really need to do a better job at scouring kijiji!


  10. LISA!!!

    I just saw your comment on my post and rushed over to see if you'd posted anything new.... I'm thrilled to see you back!!! It has made me sad every time I look and see "Suburban Retreat" on my blogs I follow "sidebar". It's been cold the last few days and I had been thinking about my Toronto trip last February and what a joy it was to meet you!

    As you probably saw, Krysta and Sten are engaged (and living back in Seattle) which is such wonderful news and I can't be happier for them.

    I hope your 2012 will be better, it sounds needed.
    Many hugs from afar,

    PS the hutch looks great! I've recently tried out chalk paint and it's been a lot of fun to use and distress with....

  11. Hi Lisa,
    Happy New year! I am loving that shade of green! How pretty it is and the hutch looks great. Thanks for your visit and I hope your new year is filled with many blessings.

  12. Dear Lisa,
    Welcome back!!! You have been missed!!!
    Hope all is well now. Your hutch turned out lovely!
    Happy New Year!
    ~ Julie

  13. Soo glad you're back. The hutch looks amazing, I love everything about it! Blogging is always the first thing to slide when I get busy, I think it is with everyone!

  14. Cheers to oath is to "accept the things i cannot change". easier said than done! i really like the hutch, it looks fabulous!
    xoxo, tracie
    ps - come on over and enter the bracelet giveaway (on my side bar)!

  15. Welcome back Lisa! It is good to see you back blogging for 2012. Yippee!
    What an amazing transformation on your hutch. How clever of you to use fabric on the back of the shelves. Beautiful!
    - Susan

  16. Gorgeous Lisa....
    Couldn't be any cuter!
    hugs, Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  17. So glad you dropped by today, I've really missed hearing from you and reading your blog. You did a supurb job with this cabinet, love the gorgeous green color and fabric. Hope that whatever happened to you will just make you stronger.

  18. Happy New Year Lisa! How have you been my dear? Good to hear from you again. Your projects look really wonderful. What a way to start the new year. Happy to see you back my dear.

  19. WHOOT! WHOOT!!! Welcome back Lisa!!!
    Happy New Year!!
    Your new hutch looks fantastic!!!
    Love and hugs, Laura


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