Monday, September 27, 2010


After a week of feeling a bit 'under the weather' I tackled the weekend with a lot of zest and zeal! I enjoyed a very productive two-days.

Mondays - Fridays don't work too well for me - after working all day I come home to 3 dogs that need to be first walked and then fed, supper needs to be made and during the warmer months - gardens need to be tended. I'm pooped out at the end of the day and don't have much steam left for my 'projects'.

I yearn for these types of weekends where all of my time is spent doing the things I love - anything that falls within the home improvement category.

Hubs doesn't feel quite the same.

He fondly recalls a time in recent history, BL (Before Lisa), where weekends were spent in front of the television, watching sporting events for long periods of time; sunny mornings at the links; snapping a Bud with buddies and even sleeping in past 7 a.m.

AL (After Lisa) brings early morning jaunts with the dogs in various parks, flea markets, farmer markets, antique shows and lists ... yes, the dreaded lists.

Lists of all the things I want to accomplish. Lists that ensure our weekends are 'productive'!

As well as showing you some of my fabulous fall flowers, here is a sampling of the projects we tackled over the weekend. Full posts to come!

The weekend consisted of painting ~

and wallpapering!

Architectural salvage ~

and mirrors!

Stay Tuned! Cheers ~ Lisa


  1. Oooohh!! Can't wait to see the projects, Lisa!! Your post is too funny! BL and AL - LOVE it!!! :) Your plants looks gorgeous!!! Mine are all pooping out in this Indian Summer heat we have been having!

  2. That's too husband has labeled everything that he "misses" BA...before Andrea.

    I'm with you, nothing better than a productive weekend at home. I usually have big plans on Monday morning to get lets done as soon as I get home, but is almost never happens. I'm too pooped!


  3. Your yard always looks so great. Your stoop looks fabulous too! Yay for fall!

  4. Your garden is so gorgeous, the colours are amazing right now. You're so dedicated to it, it must be a lot of hard work!

  5. Your garden is stunning!!And I can't wait to see the finished projects!!


  6. Hi Lisa Sweetie...
    Oh what a beautiful share today. I love the mums and they are in abundance in so many delicious colors. The yellow is so popping and the bronze and burgundy spectacular, I love them. Oh and the scarecrow is he cute or what? He just really makes your gardens so happy sweetie.

    I can't wait to see the painting and wallpaper area done, pictures please we love to see.

    Ooh and the architectural pieces look so interesting. Especially that mirror. I can't wait to see where it ended up and how beautiful it looks.

    Tell you hubby I love the AL best of all. He'll have to keep working.

    Hope you had a beautiful day today sweet friend. As always I so love to pop by.

    Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

  7. Your garden is gorgeous! I know what you mean about not getting a lot of diy done on weeknights. There are just so many other things that need done. We have spent the entire 5 past weekends at fairs and getting very little done at home.

  8. Glad your feeling better, being pooped is poop! A big pile of it...

    Can't wait to see what you got done, love the mirror, it looks a lot like mine that I just painted black, I love it!

  9. everything looks so healthy and beautiful!
    love the stairs.
    glad youre feeling better....!
    have a great night!

  10. Lisa,

    I can't wait to see pictures of all of your weekend projects! Painting, wallpaper, salvage... all after not feeling well!

    Love seeing all the pictures of your fall gardens. Your mums (and everything else) look fabulous.

    I have to admit, my husband is the project pusher in our house. I love to work on projects, but sometimes I also have those other pesky things like a 40 hour job, laundry, groceries, cleaning, dinner... he doesn't get that part!

    Enjoy your week,
    PS glad to hear you're feeling better!!

  11. I don't see how anybody gets anythiing done at home when they work an outside job! I would be way tired and grouchy I know...I guess I did it when I was younger but don't know if I could do it again...sure don't want to. Your flowers are gorgeous...that is a lot of work in itself...

  12. Your gardens look amazing. I love the various mums tucked in here and there. Thanks so much for your faithful comments on my blog, I look forward to reading them everyday. Can't wait to see what that molding and painting reveals.

  13. Your fall colors in the garden are gorgeous. You had a busy weekend!

  14. What a wonderful garden, Lisa! You have been a busy gal and I can't wait to see your finished projects!


  15. Your photographs are gorgeous! I love, love, love the mirror. I can't wait to see the finished product! You are inspring me to get my fall flowers in!

  16. Hi Lisa,
    You seem pretty productive to me. Your garden looks so neat and tidy. Mine always has a bit of a "wild kingdom" look to it. I like your front porch display and all the colorful mums look great. I look forward to seeing your projects in future posts.

  17. What is it that makes us think we have to "produce" something or "accomplish" something all the time! It's the doer in us I guess! Thats me, too!
    Your yard is beautiful and ready for fall!

  18. Sorry to hear you were under the weather. Hope you're feeling much better now. Your yard and garden look fantastic! Can't wait to see the project you're cooking up! ~Sheilla

  19. Hi there! Great photos! I'm visiting from Red Gate Farm - Chris sent me :) Lovely blog, and I most definitely will return! -Tammy

  20. My you were busy! The garden looks so beautiful and I love the scarecrows. How very cute. Can't wait to see what else you were up to.


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