Saturday, September 11, 2010


Today the weather was glorious - the perfect day for going to an antique show - the Christie show in Dundas, Ontario. This is one of the largest in all of Southern Ontario with vendors from Canada & the USA. I prepared for the show by making a mental note of all the treasures I hoped to unearth today. Did I get anything from the list I had formed in my head - NOPE!

Let me share my 'random' purchases.

I bought this framed photograph that I found in a $6.00 box. I offered $5.00 and it came with me.

It's a really pretty photograph of a body of water, surrounded by tall conifer trees with a very large mountain in the background. Hubs asked "why" and I really didn't have an answer. It just spoke to me. I plan on using it in the bedroom I'm redecorating for my son. It has a gold coloured frame so I plan on rubbing some walnut stain over it.

And then there is the bowling pin. Again, I don't really know why except all the males in my life are athletic and I'm drawn to old sporting equipment. This piece posed a big problem, carrying it around all day as it was my first purchase. It was just heavy & awkward!

I then bought this fan. Thank goodness I purchased this at the end of the day, because it was even more awkward and cumbersome to lug around then the bowling pin. They certainly don't make fans like this anymore. I checked with the vendor to make sure it still worked; not because I plan to use it for anything other than decoration, but for $60.00, it should at least have to operate. I was assured it worked just fine.

NOPE! After we arrived home, Hubs approached me after unloading the van and stated that the fan would make a great paperweight. I chuckled and replied, oh because it's so heavy and Hubs answered, no, because it doesn't work. Dang! Hubs then took it into his workshop (the garage) and fiddled with the wiring and voila, it worked! And let me tell you, they don't make fans like this anymore. This fan can really blow up a storm! Here's the logo ... made in the U.S. of A, nonetheless!

And finally, my rusty garden gate. I saw one of these at the last antique show we attended and refused to pay $50 for it. After walking away, I came across a very similar gate for $150. I quickly decided I wanted to pay $50 for the gate but of course, it was now "sold". When I saw this one today and was told it was $30, I purchased it immediately.

Now, picture this, two middle-aged peeps struggling with a gate that we're both carrying, each holding an end while I have my bowling pin cradled in my arms with Hubs utilizing his free arm to lug around a 50 pound vintage fan all while the mountain photo is hanging out of my shoulder bag! It wasn't pretty.

After a long, fun, and tiring day, it was time to draw the name of the winner of my first giveaway. I didn't use one of those random number generators that many other bloggers use, I just put the names of my followers into a basket.

Hubs had to assist as this was a 'Kodak' moment!

And the winner is .....

KRYSTA FROM DROPPED STITCH KNITTER!!!! Please take a moment and say hi to Krysta and welcome her to blogland!

I also want to take a moment to recognize today - the 9th anniversary of 9/11. I know that many of my blogging friends are posting tributes today. My thoughts & prayers are extended to all the families who were affected by this tragedy.

~ Lisa ~


  1. I love all your finds Lisa! I can picture you struggling with all that awkward stuff! lol...The fan is cool, and glad it's working...turbo style!


  2. Good morning Lisa,
    You sure scored with that gate!!! I love it.
    The bowling pin and picture are fab too!
    We had a fan like that when I was a kid. I can remember my younger brother Bill and myself putting new pencils into the swirling blades and watching pieces of the pencil fly off in all directions!!! It was a blast.......until Mom caught us!!! The fan was very quickly sent to the drivehouse where is languished for thirty years. I rescued it a few years ago when Dad was getting rid of stuff. The fan now resides in our familyroom where it very nicely circulates the heat from our woodstove.
    Thanks for sharing your finds!!
    Warm hugs, Laura

  3. Lisa... you found the gate I've been searching for! My husband spent weeks looking for one for me for my birthday in July, never did. I found one at an antique mall across the border in British Columbia but it was on sale for $100. Your gate is the exact one I've been picturing in my search... LUCKY LUCKY you!

    I also love the old fan and mountain pic. I finally broke down this summer and bought a new fan that looks like an old fan. It probably won't last for nearly as long as the "good" old ones do. And I love the pic, I collect old hand tinted black and white photo of our "local" mountain, Mt Baker (or Shuksan). Back in the day, they hand tinted black and white photos like this and it gives the picture kind of a water color effect.

    I see I'm going to have to come to Toronto and visit some of what sounds like the best vintage shopping around!

    Congrats to Krysta on her win of your GIVEWAY... I'll be sure to personally congratulate her, since she is my daughter!


  4. Looks like a fun day. Love all that you got.

  5. I love going to things like this, even if I don't find anything. Something I used to do quite a bit with my mom when I still lived in Washington.

    Thank you very much for the giveaway! It's possible we may have guests for my first Canadian thanksgiving living in Canada, so having a little decor will be very nice (and I'll be able to use it for the remainder of the fall!)

  6. Lisa you sure did get some great goodies! That fan is awesome! After you recover,ha!, I am sure you'll find it was well worth! Great hubby you have too!


  7. I passed up a $12 fan just like that a couple of weeks ago. I just had a V8 moment!


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