Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Can you feel it????? The air has certainly cooled down here in my part of Ontario, Canada. Autumn is just around the corner. Time to start decorating the house for Fall.

My big urn out front was the first thing I started working on.

I am the only person in my entire neighbourhood who has started decorating outdoors. Let's see if anyone else follows suit.

I've been using this tablecloth for a couple of weeks now. It's the same one as I'm offering in my giveaway. I love all the rich, deep colours of the leaves. I'm still looking for a centrepiece.

My chandy is dressed in a garland of autumn leaves.

Sunflowers and Gourds grace my coffee table.

A small bunch of Indian Corn, tied with twine.

Hubs and I gathered these pinecones while on a hike last weekend. After collecting them in my shirt, I was covered in sap, including a big clump that got tangled in my hair. The smell of pine sap is a real delight to my senses. I can still smell the remnants of it.

And finally, my favourite spot to decorate ... my mantel.

Just look at these petite white pumpkins. They're real!

The large one in the middle is faux ~ it came from Michaels.

Small river rocks and some floral stems on either side add symmetry to my display.

Leaves spill from around the mirror.

Are you starting to get ready for the changing season?

Just a reminder - my giveaway winner will be selected this coming Saturday, September 11th. Entry is easy ~ just become a follower of my blog. Up for grabs and just in time for Autumn, a beautiful tablecloth and a pair of darling 'turkey' salt & pepper shakers.

Cheers ~ Lisa ~


  1. Your home is beautiful, and I really love your autumn decorating. Love the use of natural elements. :) And is that your aussie in the first pic? What a beauty... I have two blue merle girls!

    Found you thru Sheryl's blog (Ain't for City Gals).

  2. Everything looks so cozy and beautiful! I feel sorry for parts of the country that don't have changes in seasons, it's so refreshing!

  3. Awwww, you're so sweet... thanks for taking the time to vote for Leah!! :)

    You don't have to search thru my blog for pics of my aussie girls (one is full aussie, the other a border collie/aussie mix) -- look under the Our Menagerie tab at the top of my blog. I really need to update that page, because now we have even more animals!!!

  4. I haven't started.. I'm a bit slow.. I've been known to skip fall and start decorating for xmas in October... yikes!

  5. Everything looks great. I was the first one in my neighborhood to put stuff outside too... but we're in Houston, TX. :/ LOL. My neighbors probably think I'm a little looney. (We also just moved in this year, so that fact hasn't been proven yet, haha).

  6. Wow Lisa! Everything is gorgeous! I'm trying to decide what part of the decor is my favorite...I think maybe the chandelier. I know for sure which photo is my favorite, though, the first one with your dog....what a beautiful creature! Warm regards, Sheilla

  7. Lisa,
    I just love your Fall decorating!! I haven't had a chance to start mine yet. But I can't wait to!!

    Your home looks lovely "dressed" for Fall!!


  8. Love your touches of Fall, Lisa. We have certainly had cooler weather. I don't mind cooler, but some sun would be nice, especially this weekend for our fair.

  9. You have a beautiful fireplace! It's gorgeous! AND I like the fall decor - your newest follower!

  10. First I have to say, I love the tribute to your husband on his birthday, what a great man to raise his girls by himself at such a young age! WOW! What a blessing to be married to him.

    Your fireplace, and the mirror with the gorgeous roses on the top is fabulous, all the fall accents are beautiful, I really enjoyed my visit this morning. We are feeling fall here too in the Pacific Northwest, it was about 57' out when I went for my walk this morning, I am sure you will be getting much cooler then we have here soon, lots of snow?

    Take care thanks for leaving me a comment, I will follow too...

  11. I agree, it's definitely starting to feel like fall here! (I'm Chris' daughter from Red Gate Farm) Having moved up here in the summer and not being even close to used to the heat we had at some points, it feels great to walk outside and not begin sweating immediately. It's even been almost 'Seattle-like' for the last few days :)

  12. Hi. Thanks for visiting this morning. Looks like you have been busy decorating and are ready for fall. Love dried corn and white pumpkins. Happy birthday to your hubby! Your followers are growing!!! :)
    ~ Julie

  13. We have about another month before I start thinking about fall...still in the 100° here in Arizona! I love the natural look you do....

  14. I'm thinking about getting my fall "stuff" out this weekend... I even grow those mini pumpkins you put on your mantle! I don't ususually put anything outside except for pumpkins. This year may be a little sparse since my larger pumpkins are not cooperating. Maybe I'll have to get some mums instead??

    I really like your old window placed in front of your fireplace... that is such a cute idea.


  15. Hey there Lisa,
    The fall decor is looking gorgeous! Loving the chandelier and those pine cones are fabulous!!! I really love that fireplace of yours- the mirror and the window you have in front~ everything looks really beautiful!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  16. Your home is BEAUTIFUL! I love the white mantel and fireplace design. So pretty! We don't have fall here where I live, so it is fun to visit all of you who do.

    Hugs, Patti

  17. This is just beautiful! I love the chandy draped in leaves.Thanks you so much for finding my blog,because that led me to yours- which I must say is absolutely GLORIOUS!


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