Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I recognize and acknowledge that Blogland is filled with many superbly-talented and gifted seamstresses. Sadly ... I am not one of them. Therefore, I signed up for sewing classes. Now ... this is not the first time in my middle-aged existence that I've attempted to learn to sew.

Here is the result of my first effort.

Hubs still wears them out of some kind of twisted, pitiful obligation because I chose to make something for him as my first ever sewing project. I even carefully selected a 'themed' fabric with him in mind (golf balls as he loves to play).

This class didn't go so well as we were confined to stay within the parameters of the course outline. We were restricted to sewing only clothing garments as opposed to home decor items ..... thus, this result! Pathetic - and whatever happened to my elasticized waist band? Eeek!

So I sorely relegated my sewing machine to the 'place under the stairs' for several years.

And then I discovered decorating blogs. I couldn't help but drool over the talents of others. I too, wanted to be able to have these glorious items for my home. So I started making purchases through Etsy.

I adored this one .....


Had to have these .....

You get the picture. Then there came a time when I didn't want to be limited to others' creativity. So once again, it was time. I dug out the sewing machine, wiped off the dust and took the plunge and attended my first sewing class last night. My instructor, Miss Brenda, is fantastic as are my classmates AND we're all working on different projects - whatever strikes our fancy! These ladies are so inspiring. One is actually making her sister's wedding gown!

And here is my first ever cushion cover! I ADORE the fabric!

Now some may question, is this worthy of its own sole blog post? It certainly can't compete with some of the alluring craftsmanship out there. No ruffles nor feathers or bows - no buttons or zippers to close.

And the answer is YES ..... it is worthy, as this was proudly made by me with my own two hands!

Cheers - Lisa


  1. Hi Lisa, So glad you're learning to sew. It is so rewarding. You made a beautiful cushion cover? or pillow? Pretty fabric! With some basic sewing skills you can sew anything!
    ~ Julie

  2. Lisa I think your pillow turned out great and I like the fabric that you summery with the hummingbird on it. I can sew a straight line and that is about it..I wish I could do more. Perhaps this Fall I will try my hand at a sewing class with my daughter who has always wanted to learn as well. You may have just inspired me!

  3. Great job - you should be proud of yourself. Love how you used the "pillow sham" technique instead of a zipper... not as frustrating. Silly me, one of the first things I ever sewed myself... was my WEDDING DRESS. Talk about taking on a little more than I could chew! Years later, I still like to sew but now I mostly make things for the house (curtains, pillows, etc) not so much in the clothing department.

  4. Good for you for giving sewing a second try! I have sewn clothes before, but don't enjoy it. Home dec and quilting for me.

  5. I love your pillow...the fabric is beautiful and you did a very nice job on your first pillow! I'm glad you decided to try sewing again. I love being able to sew things for my home. I know they're not perfect, but they're mine, and I enjoy the creative control you have when making your own items. Keep at it and add just a little more difficulty with each project and you will amaze yourself with what you're able to create! And most of all enjoy yourself...that's what it's really all about! ~Regards, Sheilla


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