Wednesday, August 18, 2010


As one who loves to garden, I crave LAND! Unfortunately in my subdivision, there simply isn't enough to go around.

As a result of this dilema, I've had to turn my eye to my neighbour's land!

You know the small strip of grass dividing two neighbouring driveways? That strip of turf doesn't look very pretty; is a pain to maintain; and really doesn't serve any purpose except it acts as a rainwater drainoff, helping the water run from between the two tightly sandwiched houses, out into the road.

I asked Hubs to present a proposal to the neighbour to use his half of the "strip" and turn it into a beautiful garden. "Please convince him" I pleaded. "There will be no cost to him as I will purchase all the plants (thus not to give up creative control) and I will do all the maintenance (easy, because I LOVE gardening)"!
Our neighbour agreed and Hubs removed all the sod and some of the heavy clay, and we ordered 4 yards of soil. This barely filled the hole so another 5 yards of triple mix was trucked in.
I designed a screen, with a pergola top, and Hubs built it. It turned out great!

And then the planting began. Over the course of this summer, the garden has already matured quite a bit. (Strider doesn't usually miss a photo-op)

And there it went, from Blah to Ahhhhhh.
Cheers ~ Lisa ~


  1. Lisa,
    What a MAJOR improvement... omgosh! seriously! Don't you love it??

    Thanks for the comment and visit also!!

  2. Lisa, It looks fantastic! LOVE the arbor and the butterfly bush. Is that beans growing up the arbor?

    PS my dog seems to get in many of my pictures too!

  3. It looks GREAT! Your husband did a great job building the arbor too!

  4. Isn't that pretty? It just changes the whole outside of your home.

  5. Very nice! Love the pergola. Been dying for one for a while now.....I'm waiting for hubs-to-be to build me a deck first. Hee hee.
    Anyway, the look is great, what a change. Helps to separate the yards and makes your house seem all tucked in cozy like. Great job.

  6. Incredible!.. You are one of the few people that I know that can bring your visions to life. Great job! It is so inspiring.


  7. I finally found you! For some reason there is no link for you on my follower list and googled Suburban Retreat but for some reason nothing came up. At last, here you are!
    Thanks for all your lovely comments! I love your style. Let's hope that amazing transformation inspires everyone around you; the end result is amazing. : )


    PS. Nice to meet you!


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