Saturday, August 21, 2010


I happen to be quite fond of birds. Now I don't own a bird nor am I one of those bird watchers who is able to identify over 100 different species. However, I like using them in decorating my home and they seem to appear quite frequently.

So, you can imagine my excitement when I came home today and spotted this in my backyard!
Now understand, I live in the middle of a bustling metropolis. Any glimpse of wildlife is a rare occurrence. I could barely keep my composure as I rushed for my camera. I didn't want to get the dogs excited and then scare away my tiny visitor.

Sorry, these are not the greatest pictures - they were the best I could do in the circumstance.

You really have to look for him in this last pic - but he is there - a sweet Hummingbird!

Hope you all enjoy the remainder of the weekend! ~Cheers - Lisa~


  1. Wow....that is special.. They say you will have good luck when you see one... go buy a lotto ticket! LOL

  2. oh...I think you did quite a good job of getting a photo. I know I was very excited the first time I had a humming bird. My first was last year. This year I have several. I put up a feeder just outside my backdoor. My friends and family find it quite irritating when I talk on the phone that I'll be mid conversation and say - "Hummingbird!"

    I get excited every time I see one. I think I have at least two or three. Last year I had a skinny one and a fat one but this year I've only seen skinny ones. They always fly to the patio doors and look in at me. You should rush out and buy a feeder.

  3. Lisa that's great! I can't believe you got so many pictures of the little guy! We have feeders outside our window and they dart off so quickly I never seem to get a picture at all! I know they're really attracted to red (flowers or feeders) so they must have really liked yours!

    I've had a little luck with red nasturtiums (not sure on the spelling) but not much of anything else, flowering that is.


    PS - Love the painted trays...metal?

  4. I adore hummingbirds..they fascinate me. Great pictures. Glad you stopped by...that is really neat you have the same mirror...great finds indeed!

  5. Great pics Lisa, the hummingbird is so pretty. Once in awhile one will make an appearance in my yard as well. Love your pink tole tray.

  6. I love hummingbirds too! They are so darling and tiny! They always bring a smile! :)

  7. Hi Lisa, Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comments! As you can see, I'm pretty new at this, so it really means a lot! I love your style and your blog too! Especially your bird collection! I guess you probably noticed that I am partial to birds as well. Love the mirror too! It sounds as if we'd have a blast if we were able to go shopping together! Since I live in a very rural area, I don't have high speed internet yet...(I'm hoping soon), but in the meantime, I'm enjoying the albeit slow exploration of your blog! Regards, Sheilla

  8. Hi there Lisa, thank you so much for visiting my blog site. I'm delighted we have the same goal...making our home our oasis. Our taste is very similiar like the hummingbirds and mirror. I also think the stair numbering was an awesome idea. I can't wait to see your next decorating project!!! Thanks for the inspiration! Toodlepeeps.

  9. Your birds are very pretty, Lisa. I especially like the white one and the bowl of eggs. The toile platters are very pretty too.

    Thanks for stopping by. I enjoy using the crown canning jars, and now I just need to find a solid zinc lid to make one of those awesome soap dispensers I've seen around blogland.

  10. i love the first two, especially! the little white bird is adorabl and i love, love, love blue eggs!

  11. I can totally understand your excitement, Lisa! I live on the edge of a national forest - on a small farm - and I'm still thrilled every single time I see the creatures around here! Of course, it was your green thumb that created just the right environment for you to see wildlife in your metropolis.

    Liz the Brambleberry Cottage


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