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The transition from season to season is a decorating dilemma ~ out with the old and in with the new.  The supreme seasonal transition is indisputably Autumn to Christmas and here at Suburban Retreat that means CHAOS!  But in a good way!  The kick off of the season is the Open House at our local nursery.  It is an "Invitation Only" event and I've never been disappointed.  The store is decked out fully in it's Christmas attire and they serve wine & cheese, appetizers and cake, all while the DJ is spinning those Christmas Carols!
How Festive!
It's like being transported into a Christmas Fantasyland!

There are decorations in every colour imaginable.
This came in the mail for me yesterday.  I took this picture at my office.  My new "Winter" sign, hand-painted by one of my new blogging buddies!
Here is the little church I bought at the Open House!  Both of my new treasures have inspired the start of my holiday decorating.  It's beginning to look allot like Christmas!

Have a great weekend ~ Cheers~


  1. Lisa,

    I love your two newest additions! It's so hard to pick a colour scheme, so I try to do different rooms with different colours and styles. Our mudroom is where I use a silver and blue theme. Maybe I should try making a sign like that? HHhmm, I think I need to start planning these things in January. Christmas sneaks up so quickly!

    Hope you're having a great weekend and enjoying one of our last mild days before the snow hits!


  2. You are so smart to be starting on your Christmas decor. I really need to get with the program, I can't believe how close it is! I love your sgn and church, it looks like the start of a beautiful color scheme!

  3. Oh I loved all the image and holiday cheer! It's such a wonderful time of year!

  4. Lisa,
    OMG!!! What fun it must have been to go there and walk around looking at all those gorgeous decorations!! I LOVE that purple tree and the lavender angels are so pretty!!Have you linked this post up to Deck the Halls Friday?? I believe you still have time if you would like to.
    And that cute little green house is adorable!!

    I Loved spending time here today as I do everytime I come by but this was pure Christmas heaven!!
    I have PArt 2 of the COuntry Folks tour up on A Debbie-Dabble Christmas. Take a peek when you get a chance!!


  5. So beautiful and inspiring ! I'm ready for holiday decorating too!! :) love your little church!

  6. I love your new additions. The sign is so perfect and the little green church is adorable.
    I work very very close to Lakeside, for many years, and did not know they have decorations. I'm going to have to stop by.

    I don't know why your comments keep coming up anonymous. Are you logged in when you leave a comment? Or the problem could be at my end, but it only happens for your blog, and not to anyone else that I know about.

  7. What a fun and festive event this is. The trees and decor a gorgeous. I can just imagine with the music playing in the background that this would be fantastic. I couldnt pick a favorite, the white one and the purple ones are gorgeous but I love red too. How fun. We are still trying to get the Halloween stuff reorganized!

  8. Lisa this is all so beautiful!
    I really am liking the lavender tree:)

  9. Lisa,

    Lucky you to be able to check out all the stuff at the garden store! Love all the colors! It's so fun to add or change decorations every year. I have color "themes" I use in each room... that blue sign would be perfect in my bathroom, the church would look great in my kitchen or the enclosed front porch were we put our tree.

    I can hardly wait to start decorating. Here in the US most people like to wait until after our Thanksgiving. This year I plan to clean my house from top to bottom (always how I start my Christmas decorating) next Sunday... then the three days BEFORE Thanksgiving I plan to decorate a room or two every day after work. With all that is going on, I am NOT going to miss getting all of the Christmas stuff out like I did Halloween!!

    Can't wait to see your place and decorations for the holidays.


  10. Glad you came by today, I see you are definately in the Christmas Spirit too. What a fantastic store (nursery)-sounds like so much fun. My theme for my living room this year is going to be pink & brown, I found some really pretty decor for the tree. Hope your remaining weekend is a good one.

  11. I love your two new inspirations! The sign is adorable - I may have to do a little plagiarizing.
    BTW, you always leave me the sweetest comments. Thank you so much! You make my day!

  12. Hi Lisa, wow those decorations are stunning, I would not miss that open house, either! Love your winter sign and the little house is adorable!
    thank you for stoppin by and saying hi, always enjoy your nice comments!


  13. Now I'm really ready to start decorating for Christmas!!! Maybe I will start a little earlier this year... usually start the day after Thanksgiving, here! Love the glitter church ... I started a glitter house collection last Christmas!

  14. Wow, that nursery is festive! Have fun decking your halls. I am definitely inspired for Christmas! I've been crafting away making things for a Winter Market I'm doing Dec. 4. Can't wait to decorate our home too.
    ~ Julie

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  16. Such pretty decorations! I love that winter sign - can you share where you purchased it?


  17. You know I loved the chair you did for your son. I have been checking in dying for you to do another wonderful post. I sign in tonight and I see all of the color, sparkle, and fun. We haven't even had Thanksgiving yet, and you make me want to pull out all of my Xmas decor pronto! The green house is adorable....Also, thanks for posting your newest decoration.. :)

    I glanced over your amazing give away. Off to read it in more detail now.....

    Happy soon to be holidays!

    Take care,


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