Monday, November 1, 2010


In keeping with the spirit of Halloween this weekend, Hubs and I decided to celebrate a 'spooky' Saturday together. 

First, we went to an afternoon matinee and saw Paranormal Activity 2.  I am not a fan of the horror movie, especially those 'slasher' types.  We saw the first Paranormal Activity last year and it scared the bejeebers out of me!  It was very creepy but without all the gore!  I sat slumped in my chair, my hand over my face to cover my eyes, leaning into Hubs.  I kept saying to him "You are my eyes" ... "what is happening"?

When Paranormal Activity 2 started on Saturday, I established my same position from last year.  This time, the movie did not have the same affect on me and so as not to give it away, I'm only going to say that I could sit upright with my face uncovered as this sequel neared the end.  I was very disappointed!

Saturday night we participated in Brampton's very first Ghost Walk.  A local historian and researcher was hosting this event.  We were to meet at 8 p.m. in the parking lot of Ward's funeral home and we would be escorted on a walking tour which was to cover several sites in the downtown core.  We were promised that all locations were experiencing 'paranormal happenings' right now and for $10 a head, I thought this would be a fun event where we could at least learn some of the history of our city.  I also thought the event would be poorly attended and possibly Hubs and I would be part of a very small, quirky group of people.  When we pulled up, we could not believe what we saw ~ a HUGE group of people, probably over 200 ~ waiting for the Ghost Walk to commence.  We quickly parked and made our way to one of the organizers who said that they were not expecting this many people nor were they prepared for a group this size.  They suggested waiting for a tour at a later date but we decided to just tag along at the back.  I am so glad we did because I thoroughly enjoyed the evening.  I forgot my camera at home (ugh) but went back the next day to take some pictures to share.
Here are some of the stories we heard as the evening unfolded!

Central Public School is the oldest school in Brampton.  The home pictured above is where the first caretaker and his wife lived.  Tragically, while on their way to the local hospital to visit their first grandchild, they were killed in an automobile accident.

It is believed their spirits haunt both the neighbouring school as well as the home itself, which is no longer a private residence but houses a local art council.  Apparently a ghost has been seen numerous times, looking out the set of windows at the top of the school.

This residence pictured below is now a salon & spa.  The attic has been converted to a bedroom and rented out to a tenant.  The tenant claims he hears footsteps as well as someone snoring loudly during the night, when nobody is there except himself.

Our tour guide suggested making a hair appointment and see if we can feel or experience anything supernatural.  YEAH, RIGHT ... like I'm going to rush right over!

This is the City's original jail.  In the late 1900's a polish man was convicted of murder and sentenced to death by hanging.  He was also buried on site.  His wife and daughter travelled quite far to come and say good-bye but they were denied a visit.  It is now believed that all three haunt this location.  A child and woman can be heard either playing together and laughing or crying.

This is a private residence where the homeowner claims all sorts of different paranormal activity goes on.  She says that she recently hosted a birthday party in one of the upstairs rooms and everyone who took pictures at the party discovered orbs in their photos once they downloaded them and/or took them in for printing.

This is the one home that really scared me!  The homeowner says the activity level here is extremely high and lots of stuff happens every night.  Pictures are always falling off the walls although the nails are intact.  The basement is the main source of their troubles and apparently during a recent two-week period, the TV had to be left on 24/7 because the noise was so loud & disturbing in the basement.  It is believed that this is a portal for paranormal activity in the entire neighbourhood where this house is located with various spirits coming and going constantly.  Yuck ... creepy!

So there you have it, some spooky tales in the aftermath of Halloween!
It should all be taken with a grain of salt!

Cheers ~Lisa~


  1. Oh spooky! I couldn't handle that at all! I love to hear about these stories and then regret it later when I can't sleep! Why do these people stay in the house??? I'd be out in a heartbeat!

  2. Hi there Lisa! A spooky ghost walk sounds like so much fun! We live in a historic town too where ghost stories seem to be heard everywhere you go!! Glad you weren't creeped out too much this weekend! :)

  3. Sounds like you had a fun Halloween themed weekend. I can't believe that 200 people showed up for the ghost walk. What a great turnout! I recognize some of the building in the photos. I had no idea Brampton was home to so many ghosts!

  4. Hi Lisa, I found you and first I want to thank you for your order, I will package up today and ship out tomorrow A.M. I am now one of your followers. I wish I could have had a bit more scary Halloween but our Grand babies are 3 and under, so I had to be a bit tame. But we had loads of fun! Hugs, Diane

  5. Lisa, it sounds like it was a blast! A few years ago a co-worker and I were at a conference in southern Washington and missed out on an opportuntiy to do a ghost walk at a local historical military fort. Now I really wish I could have done it!

    I really love all of the history in old homes and buildings. We always seem to think that "back in the day" everything was so picture perfect, obviously it wasn't!

    What a great way to spend the evening with hubby.

    Enjoy your week,

  6. Oh , I love scarey stuff! I was freaked by Paranormal activity too....
    You are so sweet , thanks for the comment on my post and your tip too! It is a good one, and I agree, you have to stay on top of it!


  7. WOW! Those are some scary stories. I think I would definitely stay away from that paranormal portal.
    Thanks for being a great blog friend.
    ~ Julie

  8. Whoa! Freaky stories!!!! My husband and I just watched that movie too and I fell asleep, I got pretty creeped out though by what I saw at the beginging!!!! Thank you for stopping by to say hi!

  9. Hi Lisa...thanx for stopping by and visiting me and the BEAR...and for being my newest follower!!!
    Read your ghost walk iota of paranormal in my house and I would be so outta there!!! i am so spooked by any little thing!!!


  10. Hi again!!!

    I just scrolled down thru your previous posts to see your dogs...3 cuties...LOVE the AUSSIE SHEP ~

    BEAR sends sloppy kisses :D


  11. What a fun ghost walk. I have always wanted to do one of those and wondered if it would be stupid.

    The homes you visited are absolutely gorgeous old homes. Loved the architecture. Not sure I could live somewhere that was constantly filled with noise and events though! A lot more fun to visit!

  12. I LOVE Ghost Tours! I always learn so much history about a city. Ummm... I think I might move out of that haunted house. Forget leaving the TV on, I would be out the door!
    Thanks for voting for me, btw!


  13. You are one brave woman! Bad movie or not I just can't do scary movies...of ANY kind! I'm a wimp that way!

  14. TAG- YOUR IT!!!!

    Come see me and you'll see why!


  15. What a different, unique way to spend an evening. I think if I lived in that last house, I'd be looking for a new residence. Creepy.

    And as far as horror movies go... I just say "no" to the slasher variety, like you!! I can't even handle really stressful movies, I end up shaking while I'm watching it. So I avoid them!

  16. Right back at you Lisa...I don't know how I missed your post?? Go figure :)

    Anyway, you have no idea how much I live for scary movies. What is even scarier is that I have my 10 year old daughter addicted to them. I know, I shouldn't share that with the world because friends and family can't believe I let her watch this stuff, but she loves it like I did when I was her age. Believe it or not I saw Paranormal Activity and DID NOT know it was fiction. Because of that I was freaked out even more thinking it might have really happened. I still have yet to see the second one.

    I love the historic homes you posted. They are always gorgeous in an erie sort of way.

    And last but not least, I'd love to send a sign up your way...For the strangest reason I can't find your email address. Shoot me an email if you think you still want one....

    Take care,

  17. Yes my 5 minutes is over... i felt better as soon as I got all the clutter out of my brain. :)

    Um no way, don't like the creepy movies so much. Jane Austen more my speed. The animals are para-un-normal enough for me every day.. hehe.


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