Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I have patiently been waiting for the call. 
I knew it was going to be sometime after the holidays as I placed my order
way too close to Christmas Day.
Today was that day!

One side of the family pick names for our gift exchange and as I've been told, no one wants to choose me (they think I'm difficult to buy for).  Are they for real???

In order to make it easier for the poor sucker who had the misfortune of drawing "Lisa", I decided to ease their burden and picked my own gift.  I knew it wouldn't be ready in time for under the tree, but that was okay because I was getting something
I really wanted.

I was disappointed today when I saw the size of the package.  I expected to see some strong men struggling with a GINORMOUS box instead of the one man who approached me with my parcel tucked under his arm.  I am terrible with numbers when they relate in any way to some kind of measurement so that set of numbers (width, depth, length) beside the item description, meant nothing until today. 

I like my details BIG and FLASHY and BOLD and although this ceiling medallion is smaller than I envisioned, it still is very pretty and I'm sure will look beautiful,
paired with my chandelier.

I'll share more once it has been installed.

After being away for so long, I'm having to relearn Blogger all over again and I haven't 
quite mastered it yet.  I've missed linking to some blog parties and I'm still working on my post that will announce my Giveaway!  I'm excited and I will have it figured out hopefully by the end of  the week.

Cheers - Lisa


  1. Hi Lisa, Welcome back! We missed you. Though smaller than you envisioned, your ceiling medallion is wonderful and will look great paired with your chandelier. I look forward to seeing it installed!

  2. Lisa I think it will look gorgeous! You may even like it better in its more petite size :)

  3. Can't wait to see the chandelier with your beautiful medallion.
    Mary Alice

  4. hello Lisa is nice to see you back the medallion is beautiful and chandelier to die4 welcome back my friend.

  5. Lisa that ceiling medallion is going to look fantastic! I was just watching a show where they were working on a Victorian home that had one....they painted the ceiling and that medallion really popped! Perhaps next year I'll have to think of planning my own gift... great idea!

  6. Perfect, perfect, perfect for this chandy and location.

  7. Lisa,
    That medallion is the ultimate!!!!!!!! Where on Earth did you find it? It will look exquisite once it is paired with your chandy.
    Warm hugs, Laura

  8. It's absolutely beautiful and it's going to look amazing!

  9. Wow, I can't wait to see it together with the chandelier ... It's gorgeous!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. That's a spectacular medallion Lisa! No matter the size, I think it will still have impact. :)

  11. I think of myself as an easy person to shop for - for I know what I like :)
    This is a terrific gift - I can't wait to see what you do with it and see it with your chandelier!
    Hope you have a great week,

  12. Oh wow Lisa, that design is amazing! It's going to be so elegant!

  13. Hi Lisa! Wowee! That is one gorgeous ceiling medallion! Can't wait to see it installed! I can totally relate to being disappoint in the size of the box though...that happens to me almost EVERY time I order ANYTHING! Haha! I am also notorious for assuming things will fit in my truck that just don't...my perception of size and space are usually totally off. I wanted to thank you for your sweet and funny comments on my projects last week! I had to quote you in my post today. Thanks again for making me laugh, and making my day! I hope you have a great week!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  14. That is over-the-top gorgeous! Wherever did you find it? Of course we are NOT difficult to buy for. My DH really 'gets' me. So do my friends. I just list my favorite stores and my favorite colour - white. That's it! Done. I can't wait to see it in it's place of honour.

  15. Well, I have missed you! I adore your medallion! Can't wait to see the scrolly goodness put up...that looks like a bit of a project, is hubby going to tackle it for you! So happy your back! xo

  16. Hello Lisa,
    So glad your back and that medallion is beautiful!!! I love all the lines so pretty
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  17. I love ceiling medallions! They add so much charm and characteer. One of the many reasons why they don't build'em like they used to!

  18. My oh my! This is going to look really wonderful on your ceiling. Can't wait to see it Lisa.

  19. Beautiful.. beautiful.. just beautiful!! I love the chandy, and the medallion will be perfect. I've missed your posts, and seems I've been a bad blog visitor-buddy for awhile. I'll try to do better!! Glad you're back :) -Tammy

  20. Wow your place is beautiful! I sure love the chandy and the medallion is just the perfect addition, I think you have a great decorating sense! Come on over to my house next! Hugs, Diane

  21. dear lisa IM very happy to see you blogger again,I really love you style and display IM very happy to see you back again!


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