Sunday, December 12, 2010


This is my grouping of mercury glass that I've collected over the past couple of years.  I've displayed it on top of my china cabinet with some natural greenery and pine cones gathered from the garden.

I've added a few little floral picks with silver coloured beads just to pretty it up further!
This pretty silver 'heart' ornament hangs from my cabinet door.

The silver sparkles and glows in the light of the candles.

Thank you SO MUCH for your kind comments & prayers with respect to my Father.  He has now been moved to a rehab wing in the hospital where he is starting to get some physiotherapy to assist him to walk again.  The process is so slow due to his age and right now we're taking it day by day.  I need to get back to work this week so I will be sure to visit each of you to see what exciting things have been going on during this festive season!  I'm embarrassed to admit that I still have my tree in the basement set up, but undecorated!  And who knows ... with the way things are going, it just may have to stay that way this year!

Cheers - Lisa


  1. Lisa, your Christmas vignette looks beautiful. I love that china cabinet too! I am glad your father is moving along with his recovery,Merry Christmas!

  2. Love the display and colors....glad to hear you dad is in Rehab now, thats a good sign that he's there so fast! Healing thoughts his way!!!


  3. Lisa,

    I'm so happy to hear that your father's recovery is under way! I've been thinking about you and your family and have really missed you!

    I love your mercury glass display. I too have been collecting some pieces, old and new, over the last few years. I like to mix mine up with my silverplate stuff.

    I know what you mean about your tree. We actually have a fake tree and the year we moved into Red Gate Farm it was on December 17th. Needless to say, we got the fake tree up but I never actually put any decorations on it! It was still a GREAT Christmas.


  4. Hi Lisa~ So happy to hear your father is doing better-I have thought of you several times this past week and was happy to see you back in blog land this morning. I am quite a bit behind on my decorating as well...trying to catch up a bit the past few days. Take care of yourself too, my friend.

  5. Lisa, glad to hear your dad is doing better. So what if the tree stays undecorated. Your vignette is loads of Christmas, and certainly easier to take apart when it is over! Everything is lovely. I love the sparkle of the mercury glass paired with the naturals. The green looks so good with it. Wish I could smell it too!

  6. Welcome back....

    You have an amazing collection of mercury glass. I have also loved that white cabinet since I saw it in the background of another one of your posts.

    I'm sure you'll get to your tree, but if you don't, all of your other decor makes up for it.

    Hope you had a blast on your family outing today....

    Take care,

  7. Hi Lisa, Popping in to say Hi and catching up. Hoping the best for your dad...this just happened to my 81 year old aunt and she is doing great...hip replacement and all ! They say it is actually the opposite of what we think happens..the hip breaks and then they fall instead of the other way around. Merry Chritmas to you and a Happy New Year!

  8. I hadn't been over for a few days so I didn't know about your Dad. I'm so happy he made it through the surgery in good shape. Now to your cabinet, the mercury glass in splendid. What beautiful touches you added. Have a good week.

  9. Hello Lisa,
    I just popped over to let you know I was thinking of you and your Dad. I didn't expect to see a posting, but I am thrilled to read that your Dad is on the long road to recovery. Just take one day at a time.
    Your shabby white china cabinet is gorgeous with the pine boughs, mercury glass and heart decoration. I, too, have just started decorating the house. No tree in site!! Yesterday, I stopped by our local country store to look at their trees, but they were all short. I need an 8 foot monster!!! I'll find one tomorrow, hopefully!!
    I am sending continued healing prayers and warm wishes your way for you and your Dad.
    Love and warm hugs, Laura

  10. So sorry to read about your father. You are all in my prayers, Lisa. Your silver and evergreen decor is so favorite combo. Happy holidays to you all!

  11. Hello again Lisa,
    You are going to love Rebecca's blog!!!! I have spent hours reading her previous posts!!!
    Have you been to my friend, Lynn's blog? You can visit her at
    She is having a Give-Away, too!
    I hope you are having a lovely day!
    Hugs, Laura

  12. your photos are lovely Lisa .
    i'm so happy to hear your father is doing better.

  13. This is the most beautiful collection ever and I love, love, love how you displayed it!

  14. Hi Lisa,
    Your display of Mercery glass looks great as you have displayed it. Don't stress over the tree. Your house looks festive already.
    I am glad to hear that your Dad has moved on to the next stage of his recovery. My neighbor had the same surgery and though she walks with a bit of a limp, she is doing great. Don't stress over the tree. Your house looks festive already.

  15. Hin Lisa, you do a great job decorating your wonderful furniture, the mercury glass is fantastic!
    I'm glad that your father is going well!


  16. Hello Lisa,
    Your mercury glass is FABULOUS! So happy to hear your father is doing better!
    Big squishy hugs my friend,

  17. Hi Lisa - I sooo love your collection of mercury's just perfect for Christmas! I'm happy that you received my gift and you liked it.

    Wishing you a very happy Christmas, and glad to hear your father is slowly recovering.

  18. Gorgeous collections! I always love visiting your blog ~ such a feeling of peace and serenity (and order ;D)
    I hope the season is treating you well ~

  19. Hello Lisa...
    thanks for taking time to stop by my blog
    happy to hear from you again and so happy
    that you're getting nice comments from my cards
    i'll continue to keep your father in prayer
    your collections are lovely
    stay warm sweetie

  20. I love the hanging heart!! Thank you for taking time to help me with my sewing machine question. I've been doing a lot of research and it's daunting how many different machines there are. Your home looks beautiful for the holidays. This weekend we'll do our tree and I'm so excited. I just love the fairy lights blinking at night. So serene. Hugs. Tammy

  21. I will say a prayer for your father, and you as well! The past two Christmases.. our big tree did not see the light of day. This year it's finally up and decked out, and I am enjoying it so much. I'll say this, if you miss a year or two with a big tree, so what? You'll just appreciate it all the more next year! I adore all of your decor - the mercury glass is gorgeous! -Tammy

  22. Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for joining my little blog, it is always nice to meet new people. Well, the sewing is something I look forward too, perhaps it will be better this time. My dad also had a stroke, 5 years ago and last month, but he was 60 and now 65, so very young still, but recovering. Hope your dad is getter better every day.
    Have a good weekend,

  23. I'm so glad to hear your Dad is doing better! Your vignette looks wonderful! I absolutely love mercury glass, too!

  24. What a beautiful post, Lisa!!

    I am glad to hear that your Dad is doing better! You know , I am a Rehab Nurse by profession and have worked in a Rehab unit for 29 years now.


  25. Oh...I love all your silver and greens. I'm getting the itch to do green next year...crazy I know...but it looks so fresh with silver. I can just imagine you sipping hot chocolate while looking through my photos.

    I was sipping mulled cider while viewing your's. Not really...but that is a good idea. I need to make some and sit down to look at everyone's holidays alas...I have to go out to two parties tonight....and it's sooo cold out!

  26. Lisa: thank you for your kind words. I'm really liking the greens and silver. Beautiful.

    Also, so sorry to hear about your father but will pray he's in the best of care and for a quick recovery. That is difficult on a family during the holidays.

    Best wishes always,


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